Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photography and Pizza

There is nothing better than a photo-session to jump start your day. I went to Enchanted Forest Photography today for a session with Sheri Kendrick. We decided that since it was nice out, we should take the photos outside. I had SO much fun living the life of a model for half an hour! Sheri took pictures in several different locations and I cannot decide which sport was my favorite! I will have my pictures shortly and maybe I will let you decide!! These are definitely not your "stand in front of a background and we take your picture” photographs! I cannot wait to see the final product!

I had to rush back to Largo to meet the plumber, so I left directly after the shoot. Since it was such a weird schedule, I went to Big Mikes Pizzeria unaccompanied. I was taking food to a friend who was working and couldn’t leave the office, so I still got to order two things and see two different things. I ordered the Italian hoagie (hot) and ordered the 2 slice special to take back to Nikki. Big Mike's is located in the Winn Dixie Plaza on the corner of Walsingham Road and Seminole Boulevard. There are at least four televisions in there, so you don't have to miss the game. Another great deal is a free slice of pizza for kids in a sports uniform (with a paying adult.) The menu consists of salads, burgers, wings, hot and cold subs, paninis, pizza, calzone, stromboli, pepperoni roll, baked ziti, spaghetti and lasagna. The menu states that all items are "fresh and homemade from scratch." Oh, and I must add that the homemade chips are awesome!!!

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  1. Those homemade chips do look good. I can see the "CRUNCH" in the photo!