Monday, July 12, 2010

Real Estate and Real Good Food!

Jane Mak introduced me to a great new place in Palm Harbor today. Ozona Blue is located at 125 Orange Street. Ozona Blue is on the water so it is accessible by boat or by car and they are biker friendly.

We were immediately seated at table by the water. The view was awesome. Ozona Blue has one feature that most other restaurants do not have - a swimming pool. You can take the kids, have lunch and let them swim before or after lunch. Meet the girls, have a couple frozen drinks by the pool or meet friends for dinner.

There were several appetizers that I wanted to try, but we decided to go with the "firecracker shrimp." Then we both had salads for lunch. I ordered the steak salad and Jane ordered the Tuna Chop Chop salad. I am still trying to figure out how it is called a salad! It was quite delicious, though!

Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. We talked about the current economy, the great view and real estate. Jane's company is JM Real Estate Solutions. She helps people find solutions when they are upside down in their mortgage, behind on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure. She can work with the banks to get people out of their home or stay in their home or a short sale. If you are looking for an outstanding, experienced real estate advisor who knows the market, cares about her clients and is committed to your success, congratulations. You've just found her: Jane Mak!

Jane has been in this business for 20 years as an appraiser, mortgage broker, real estate broker and she is also Short Sale Certified. Her partner, Claudia, speaks Spanish. Jane speaks Arabic. No matter what you need, they got you covered!

Tomorrow I will be having lunch at Cafe Vienna with Tanya Sharkey. Check back to read about my adventures in dining!


  1. I have been looking for someone to talk to about my foreclose, but it is a little embarrassing asking someone for a referral. I am glad you posted this.

  2. The firecracker shrimp looks great! I love the idea of the swimming pool at the restaurant! This would be great for someone who wants to chat with an old friend but has to take kids along. They won't be nagging about leaving, that's for sure!