Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Natedogg's Pizzeria in Largo

UPDATE ****************LOCATION CLOSED*****************************

Wow! It has been a while since I have posted any local places!  I recently started back to school and it has consumed my life.

But, back to food! Although I haven't been many places in the past few months, the places I choose are LOCAL! Support local and buy local!  Recently, we were at the "Largo Villages" shopping center going into Winn Dixie when we saw a new Pizza place in the plaza.  We went over to see the menu and check out the place.  Natedogg's Pizzeria is located at 11912 Seminole Boulevard.

We figured that we may as well stick with the "eat before you grocery shop" and have some lunch. The menu is very extensive with numerous kinds of pizza. For instance, as a crust choice, you can have NY style, Extra thin, Chicago or Sicilian. You can choose your sauce as well - special red, olive oil, bbq or alfredo.

I wanted to get an appetizer, but since we were ordering a bunch of other food, we decided to wait til next time.  I would like to try the home made bruschetta bread ($4.99)  or the fried calamari with Marinara ($7.99).  The salad choices were plentiful ~ house ($3.99); Caesar ($5.99); Antipasto ($5.99); Greek ($5.99); Chef ($5.99) and a Capresi salad ($6.99).  Next time I will order a salad too!

We decided to order a pizza and a calzone.  It was a tough decision as there are a bunch of sandwiches on the menu that I wouldn't have minded tasting! Sandwich options include Philly Cheesesteak, Meatball parmesan, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, buffalo chicken ranch, sausage and peppers, turkey, ham and cheese and an Italian. Lots of options as well as burgers and wings.

I wanted to order an 18inch plain cheese pizza ($13.99); but my friends over-ruled me and we ordered the 16 inch Philly~ steak, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella and provolone cheese ($16.99).
We also ordered a calzone which includes two toppings for $7.99. You can also get a largo for $10.99.  The guy at the next table had ordered a large. I should have asked him to take a picture of it because it was massive. He was already eating, though.  They also have a Panzerotti! I haven't seen one of these on a menu since I was a little girl in Mount Pleasant, PA! It is a deep fried calzone with ham and mozzarell ($7.99).

There are several dinners on the menu including eggplant rollatini ($6.99) and homemade lasagna ($6.99). Dinners are served with garlic knot and small salad. A kid's menu is also offered with prices ranging from $3.49 to $3.99.

I had to order a slice of plain cheese just to taste it. The special was 2 slices and a sode for $4.99.
The owners, Nate and his father, are really nice guys!  Nate just moved to the area 2 months ago from Nebraska and opened the restaurant not even a week ago. The staff is very friendly and the dining room was super clean. (I know it just opened, but I think these guys will keep it shining!)  Natedogg is Nate's nickname.  Apparently he was a football player or something - I kind of zoned out because just as he was telling the story, the waitress brought over our Zeppoles ($4.99) for dessert. I have no idea what he finished telling Rob, as I was only into dessert at this point!

Natedogg's is open 7 days a week from noon until 9pm. They can be reached at 727-581-9159.  Pop in and see them. Tell them Afternoon Delight sent you! And remember, buy local, support local!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Breakfast for lunch at DeMill's Family Restaurant

The LS1 crew was recently together and that usually means food!  Since we were in Pinellas Park, we decided to go to DeMill's Family Resturant located at 6501 Park Boulevard. We were doing our part in the call to action and spending our money at a locally owned business.

We were immediately greeted by Pat, our server. She was very friendly and attentive.  I knew that I would not be ordering breakfast, but I was very intrigued by the build your own omelette for $7.99 (served with home fries, hasb nrowns or grits and toast). You can select up to 5 meats and veggies and 2 cheeses! I love creating my own things, but I was just not in the mood for an omelette. I opted for the patty melt ($5.45). This is served with either chips or coleslaw.

Pat asked us if it was our first time there and we told her yes. She explained that everything is homemade. She said that we definitely need to come back and try the pizza as the dough is fresh, the sauce is homemade and the cheese is the best quality mozzarella.

The menu has quite a variety of choices with something for everyone. They offer numerous sandwiches, Greek Sandwiches, hoagies as well as American, Italian and seafood dinners. Some of the selections include gyros ($5.95), Greek salad ($7.95), Sausage, onion and pepper hoagie ($6.25) and bacon cheeseburger ($5.95). DeMill's is open 7 days a week and serves breakfast all day.  They are open Sunday from 7am - 3pm and Monday through Saturday from 6am - 8pm. There are different breakfast, lunch and dinner specials daily.

DeMills has a separate room to accomodate large groups.  There was a group of people taking advantage of that space, so I didn't want to interrupt their meeting to take a picture! 

Another thing that I like about DeMills is counter seating.  If I did not have friends with me today, I would have sat at the counter and made new friends!

If you have any questions, you can call DeMills at 727-544-1315.  Stop in, say hi!

Become a shopper or business member today!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Zom Hee Chinese Cuisine in Seminole

Zom Hee has been in the same location since 1985 (25 years!) I have literally passed this restaurant over 4,000 times. Today, I stopped. It is now one of my favorite places to go.
The restaurant is actually very big and could easily accommodate large parties.  The inside was nicely decorated and the staff were super friendly.
We were seated and immediately greeted by our server who offered us a menu or the buffet. The buffet is $7.25 and includes over 30 items.  There are 15 different lunch special items that are $7.50 and include egg roll, roast pork fried rice and choice of egg drop, wonton or hot and sour soup. 

Although it is a long list - the $7.50 combo lunch choices are chicken chow mein; sweet and sour chicken; green pepper steak; shrimp with lobster sauce; pork egg foo young; bbq ribs (3); curry chicken; szechuan chicken; Mandarin pork; hunan chicken; moo goo gai pan; kun bo chi; beef broccoli; double luck chow yok; and pork lo mein.

I decided to order the buffet, since I could try several things.  Every day, the menu items change. Today, the selections included chicken chow mein, pepper steak, shrimp foo young, sweet and sour chicken, roast chicken, General Tso's chicken, roast pork fried rice, egg roll and fried chicken.

The servcer brought the soup and as you can see it was not just broth and wontons. There was a lot of flavor!

The food on the buffet was fresh and hot.  Numerous times the chef and waitresses checked the buffet to make sure that it was stocked and clean.

When we were through eating, the waitress brought us our fortune cookies and mine said "You will always be surrounded by true friends." It is true, as today I was with my friend Tara from The Peaceful Warrior Massage.

Zom Hee is located at 9015 Park Boulevard in the Park Place Center. (1 1/2 blocks west of Starkey Road)

They are open Monday through Thursday 11:30am til 10:00pm; Friday and Saturday 11:30am til 11:00pm and Sunday noon til 10:00pm.  The buffet is served daily until 2:30pm and Sundays until 3:00pm. 

As we were leaving, I realized that the restaurant is located by a pond and all of the window seats have a view. The next time that we go for dinner, I will request a window seat!

Stop in, say hi and tell them that Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight Sent you!  Remember to get your License to Cheat from Tampa Bay Natural Health.

If you have any questions, you can call Zom Hee at 727-391-8393. "Like" them on Facebook

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dessert for Lunch at Mama Micieli's

UPDATE *********LOCATION CLOSED************************
I have driven past Mama Micieli's on Park Bouelvard hundreds of times and saw the sign "Gelato and Desserts" and I would think to myself that I must stop in sometime for gelati.  Well, fortunately that day finally happened!  Don't let the sign fool you, there is a lot more than cookies and gelato.

When I entered the restaurant, I was delighted to see the array of desserts!

I thought about making it a dessert before lunch kind of day.  But, I waited and ate lunch first!

Although there are tables for outside dining, we chose to eat inside.  The inside of the restaurant (including the bathroom) is very clean.  There is a lot of decorative tilework throughout the building.

The specials of the day were either eggplant parmagiana or stuffed bell pepper. ($7.95 including salad) I was debating between a meatball sub ($5.95), an Italian wrap ($5.95 includes bag of chips and pickle) or one of the specials. I decided to order the eggplant special.  My friends ordered the turkey lunch crepe ($5.95 with bag of chips and pickle) and the stuffed bell pepper.

The owners of the restaurant are very friendly. (Sharon's grandmother is actually Mama Micieli, is 102 and lives in New York.)  They answered all of my questions with a smile and were very gracious. When she asked me if I wanted bleu cheese or feta on my side salad, I almost fell off my chair with delight.  I love bleu cheese!

Our meals were delivered quite timely.

Turkey Crepe:

 Eggplant Parmigiana
 Stuffed bell pepper. (Not sure if you can tell, but this is one huge bell pepper!)

We also shared a piece of the Limoncelli cake.

The selection of gelato flavors is wonderful.
 I will go back in for the gelato, but today I just got some brownies to take home. (Turtle and German) will be having a Dolci, Vino and Amici event on August 23. Click here to register.

Mama Micieli's is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-6pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm.  They offer a "dinner to go" from 5-6pm where you can pickup dinner and take it home.  Mama Micieli's is located at 4366 Park Boulevard and can be reached at 727-489-6425. They also cater!

Stop in, say hi and tell them Afternoon Delight sent you!  Don't forget to get your License to Cheat from Tampa Bay Natural Health

Friday, July 13, 2012

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp

The Central Avenue District is really blossoming with all sorts of local businesses. (I am not really sure if this is the name of this area, though.) I was pleasantly surprised to see them number of shoppes and galleries. You could spend an afternoon meandering around the area.

Right next door to Haslam's Book Store, you will find Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp. They boast the "best crabs on the planet and now the best shrimp."  The building is on the corner of 20th Street and Central Avenue.
The menu is posted all over the front of the building so that you can decide what you want before going to the window to order your food.  As usual, I had to let someone go in front of me as I can never make up my mind! 
There is a wide variety of things on the menu including Po Boys (shrimp, fish and oyster $5.00), jambalaya ($5.00), boiled shrimp with potato ($5.00), mullet sandwich ($3.50), tilapia sandwich ($4.00) and crab shala ($5.00).  You can also get 12 boiled shrimp with potato for $5.00 or fried shrimp jumbos with fries ($5.00). I decided that I wanted to have crabs, but I still had to decide if I wanted hot crabs [spicy blue crabs - small !1.00 each, medium $1.50 each, large $2.00 each or jumbos $3.00 each], garlic crabs (3 crabs with potato $6.00, 5 crabs with 2 potatoes $9.00, or 7 crabs with 3 potatoes $12.00), fried crabs (3 crabs with corn $7.00, 5 crabs with corn $9, 7 crabs with corn $12) or snow crabs.  I went with the garlic crabs since they are already cleaned!
All orders are packaged to go, but we ate our lunches right there on the picnic table. Several people came and picked up orders while we were eating.   Rob had the fish PoBoy.  As you can see the fries and ketchup are already on it. Be sure to ask for extra napkins if you are dining outside.
I am looking forward to a return trip as I want to try the world famous 99 cent (whiting) fish sandwich and the grouper sandwich ($7.00).  In, fact, I think I will also buy the boiled peanuts ($1.00/bag) and take them into the Rays game with me!

Wild Blue Carb and Shrimp is located at 2005 Central Avenue.  They are open 7 days a week - Monday through Friday 11am-10pm and Sunday noon to 8pm.  Call 727-642-6365 if you have any questions.

Do you love the idea of supporting LOCAL businesses? Join and get discounts at some of your favorite places - including No Name Java!  Also, get your License To Cheat from Tampa Bay Natural Health!

Stop by and say hi to the folks at Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp - and tell them Afternoon Delight sent you!

Have a place that you want me to check out? Let me know! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Cape Cod Kitchen in Largo

If you have driven north or south on Belcher Road in Largo, you have passed by the Old Cape Cod Kitchen and probably did not even realize it. Old Cape Cod Kitchen is located at 1479 Belcher Road South. Keep your eyes open, as I was meeting a friend there and I passed it twice! Tucked away in the corner of a strip center, you will be pleasantly surprised at the homecooked food awaiting you.

The inside is very quaint. There is a counter where you can dine and make new friends, booths or tables for larger parties.
Janice worked at the Old Cape Code as a waitress for eight years when the owner decided it was time to retire. He asked her if she was interested in buying  it and almost 1 year ago, she did just that. Her one year anniversary is on July 6.  Janice is super friendly and caters to her customers needs. It was so interesting and fun to see her interacting with her customers.  Dick, has been eating breakfast every day at Old Cape Cod Kitchen for the past 5 years. He would never eat biscuits and gravy because he didn't like them. Janice told him it was because he never tried hers. He has been eating biscuits and gravy every day for almost 3 years now! I was quite curious about them, so she brought me a sample! 
Each day there are different specials. Every Friday the special is fish and chips. Pollock, coleslaw and fries. ($6.95) You can have it New England battered, grilled, blackened, lemon pepper or dry batter. Saturdays are quiche days. The quiche choices were spinach, tomato and feta; bacon, tomato and swiss; or sausage, onion, peppers and cheddar. The quiche is served with a side (my choice was fruit) for $4.95.
Other breakfast specials include 2 eggs with bacon, ham and a side of authentic Boston baked beans ($4.95).

Janice caters to customer requests.  My friend only wanted a half order of Eggs Benedict and that was not a problem.  She wants you to feel like you are at home and to be comfortable.  The Eggs Benedict is also served with a side of tomatoes, grilled tomatoes, potatoes or fruit. I have been offered tomatoes before, but can't say I recall the offer of having them grilled. (half order $3.50) 

The lunch special was an Italian sub ($4.95). I chose to have it hot with homemade potato salad ($1.00). Here is another interesting note - the potato salad and coleslaw are made to order. All sides for the sandwich specials are $1.00. Soups are also made from scratch.
Not only does she offer fresh home cooked breakfast and lunches, but also fresh baked muffins and muffin tops.  The choices of those also change daily. The selections of muffins included French toaast, blueberry, bran, banana and pistachio. They also have a Cape Code muffin with blueberrys, cramberries, a secret ingredient and topped with Cape Cod chips. You will not find these muffins anywhere else! Muffins are $1.50 each or 6 for $6.00. If you just like the muffin tops, these can be had for one dollar each or 6 for $3. Again, every day is different, but choices included cinnamon applesauce, blueberry, banana and pistachio.

Cape Cod is open everyday from 7am-1pm and on Fridays from 7am-2pm.  They can be reached at 727-535-1602.

Just a reminder to support local businesses! Of every dollar spent at a locally owned business, about 70 cents stays local. Of every dollar spent at a national corporation, less than 40 cents stays local.

Visit LocalShops1 for more information.
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Noshing on Caribbean Favorites at Island Flavors and Tings

I am back on the trail with the lunch train! I forgot how much fun it is to eat and share my experiences with you!

I am also expanding my husband's palate with many different kinds of food. Most recently, in particular, is the traditional Caribbean taste at Island Flavors and Tings in Gulfport. Located at 1411 - 49th Street South, Island Flavors and Tings is sure to delight and surprise you!  I almost drove past it the first time, so keep your eyes peeled!

We started off with the Jamaican 'hot-peppa' shrimp. "Not for the faint of heart. Shrimp tossed in our own rich spices and lots a scotch bonnet pepper." ($7.95)
Just looking at the picture as I post this already makes me want to go back for more of those shrimp!

As always, I was undecided about my entree and as usual taking too long to order I finally decided on a special combo plate of brown stew chicken [chunks of chicken browned and stewed in a special sauce], curry chicken [chicken, potatoes and vegetables simmered in a thick curry sauce] and the jerk chicken.

  The second thing that we ordered ( so that we could split it up and taste more stuff) was the Tropical Jerk Chicken Salad. "A mixture of green leaf, romaine, radicchio lettuce topped with Island Falvors house dressing, cucumbers, tomato wedges, topped with warm slices of our famous jerk chicken and our award winning mango bread." ($6.95) 
Let me assure you this is not a small salad, this plate was more like a platter! I just love this presentation, though.

After we ate our meals, Helena was telling us about the mango ice cream and jerk pork. They don't have this all of the time, but even though I was stuffed, I just had to try some. Who would have thought that pork and ice cream would go together! (You may want to call before you go to see if it is available.)

Island Tings offers a great assortment of jerk seasonings, hot pepper sauces, Island groceries, tropical chutneys and jams. I love a restaurant where I can shop after I eat!

So go ahead and "Like" them on facebook, email them or call them at 727-327-6416 if you have any questions.  They can accomodate large parties in the restaurant or they can deliver healthy food for your staff meeting right to your door. They are wonderful for all of your catering needs as they provide breakfast, lunches, meeting breaks, office dinners, corporate galas and picnics as well as holiday celebrations.

Don't forget to get your License to Cheat from Tampa Bay Natural Health!

Friday, June 15, 2012

"In Trouble Again" at The Dog House

UPDATE - Location has closed.  Restaurant is a different restaurant.

Mo Venouziou, Ester Venuoziou and I decided to meet for lunch to dicuss some upcoming Local events.  Several restaurants were suggested, but I wanted to try The Dog House which is located in the old Hooter's building on Tyrone across the street from Tyrone Mall.

I was pleasantly surprised when I entered to find a super-clean bar with a ton of televisions. I counted - and there are 14 flatscreens!

I took a stroll around the room and went outside to find more tables and a pool table. I love the concept of having the pool table outside! This is such a great area. We were there about 2 in the afternoon, so it wasn't busy, but as it got closer to 4, the crowd started picking up and I am looking forward to going back to watch another Rays game.  I think this is a great place for meeting a large group of people as well as just going alone! 

Once I finally sat down to look at the menu, I had a hard time deciding what to order. The appetizer menu includes such things as Buffalo Boxer Shrimp ($8), Mastiff Mushrooms ($8), Bubba's Buffalo Chicken Dip and more.  I think the next time I go, I am definitely going to Fried Pickles ($6)
Mo ordered the Southwest Chicken Wrap ($8) grilled chicken breast, sauteed peppers and onions, cheddar and jack cheese and chipotle mayo.

and got a salad for an extra $1.

(It's a little hard to see, but the salad is actually in a dog dish.)
Ester ordered the Chihuahua Chef Salad ($8) which is diced ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, parmesan cheese, black olives and Italian dressing.

This one you can definitely see that it is served in a dog bowl!
I finally decided (upon the server's recommendation) on the Philly Chow Steak ($8) sliced prime rib, sauteed onions, peppers and melted provolone cheese. [You can also get this as a chicken sandwich or add mushrooms.] All sandwiches come with home made chips and a pickle.

They also have a dinner menu which prices ranging mostly $9 and $10 to $14 for the Pointer Prime Rib dinner.  The kids menu includes itens such as maltese mac and cheese, chicken paws, weimaraner dog, grilled cheese and hamburger. All items on the "little pups" menu are $4.00 and are served with fries.

The Dog House features live PPV events: boxing and UFC, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and nascar packages.  They also have Free Texas Hold'em poker on Tuesdays at 8pm, Fridays at 8pm and Sundays at 4pm.

The Dog House is located at 2901 Tyrone Boulevard. The hours are Sunday through Tuesday 11am-am and Wednesday through Saturday from 11am - 3am.  They can be reached at 727-343-1400
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sunday Brunch at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa

I have been asking my husband for months to go to the Sunday Brunch at Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. He had numerous excuses as to why not; but my persistance finally paid off when he agreed to go with me! Sunday brunch hours are from 11:00am-2:30pm.  We made reservations for 11:30. Reservations are not required, but they recommend that you make them.

Upon walking into the entrance of the brunch area, I just had to stop and admire the presentation!

There was so much food and way too many decisions to make! Breakfast items, such as eggs Benedict, cheese blintzes, waffles and hot syrup, biscuits and gravy, eggs, bacon and sausage are located on the right.
 The lunch items included, but not limited to, chicken marsala, stuffed shells and tilapia in a cream sauce.  There is also a full selection of salads (pasta salad, tomato and mozzarella salad) as well as a salad bar.  I was surprised to see a danish and cereal area; but, as my husband pointed out, some kids only eat cereal!

 The grilled vegetable platter was amazing! This was one of my favorite platters!
A gorgeous selection of fresh fruit.

 The cheese platter was astounding! I thoroughly enjoyed the dried cranberries and pecans.
                                        I can never get enough of Atlantic smoked salmon.
And would you just look at this seafood boat of shrimp, crab legs and oysters?
There is also a full omelette bar

and a prime rib station.

Don't even get me started on the desserts!
And what more could you want than a hot chocolate fondue? Well, for starters, bread pudding with caramel sauce or apple cobbler!
Needless to say, we ate until our hearts content!

The servers were very attentive. Oh, I almost forgot about the Mimosa's! Now, Sunday brunch is complete.  The total bill (including all taxes and gratuities) for 3 people was $91.32 and well worth every penny!

Safety Harbor Resort and Spa is located at 105 N. Bayshore Drive in Safety Harbor. Check out their website or find them on facebook.