Sunday, February 26, 2017

Lunch for breakfast! Every day from 7-3 at the Breakfast Station in Seminole

I love when a new restaurant opens close to me. And I REALLY love it when it has good food!! The Breakfast Station opened in Oakhurst Plaza in December, 2016. 

This spot has been home to numerous other businesses, but I am hoping this one stays here a super long time!  Everyone is friendly and the service is holy-cow fast!!

The restaurant has a train theme and the menu offers quirky named items.  I use the term "train wreck" a lot, but now it is also one of my favorite breakfast items!
 My husband ordered the train wreck just so that I could see it, taste it and still have lunch for breakfast!!

We weren't seated very long before we placed out order and I sat back to get comfortable.  The place was packed and I figured we would be there a long time.  I took a picture and before I could even post a facebook status (with this picture) expressing my joy about being able to order lunch for breakfast --

our food was delivered!!!

                          Imagine my surprise that both of our meals were at the table in minutes!!!  (I thought ordering lunch at 8am would screw them up -- but alas, it did not!!)

                              This first one is the train wreck - and it is amazingly delicious!!!
And here's my lunch for breakfast!!!  Reuben sandwich!!! I did order home fries, though - so it's kinda breakfast related!!
                                             Breakfast station offers daily specials.
                                                      As well as a children's menu.

Breakfast Station is open 7 days a week from 7am - 3pm and is located at 9342 Oakhurst Road in Seminole.

There are several large table for groups of 6-8 and numerous booths - or you can dine at the counter. In addition, there are outside tables and the weather is perfect for that right now!

Any other questions - call (727) 330-6094.  Tell 'em Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!  And, please like us on Facebook to see lots more food pictures!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's Spring Training!!! Let's eat in Port Charlotte - Home of the Tampa Bay Rays

Opening Day Rays Spring Training!!!!

This is better than being a kid in a candy store.   Let's take a walk around the ballpark before the game starts and see what kind of food they will have this year!

Of course there is kettle korn! 
  And the grills are hot! Pick Italian sausage, bratwurst, jumbo hotdog or a hamburger.

  I asked someone if he minded if I took a picture of his sausage!  Here is his....
                                                    and here is his friend's sausage!
Walking around the concourse is fabulous!  Watching the Rays warm up and the fans getting ready for the game.
                                                    Here we are in the bullpen.
                               I missed the picture of David Carpenter throwing me the ball -
but I caught it!  Thanks Mr. Carpenter!! :)
                                                                 Back to food!!!
 Here we are at the Philly cheese steak grill.  These two guys churn out about 20 delicious sandwiches every few minutes! I was amazed watching them!  The game actually started and I was still watching them make  cheesesteaks!

                                 Ah..... now to enjoy my cheesesteak and watch some of the game!

  As we continue around the stadium, there are still a lot of things to eat.  Ice cream, of course!!
                                         Oh, looks - it's Clawford ~ the Stonecrab mascot!!! 
                                                    Back to food. That's why we are here!!
                         There are chicken sandwiches and pizza, as well as French fries and ice cream.
I was very intrigued by the fish and chips. Last year, this booth was in a different section and was very busy and the fish looked fabulous.   Today, no one was in line and I couldn't see what it looked like before I ordered it! (I love seeing someone else's food to see if I want it!)  Which is what I did with the gyro below. That is not my gyro!
  Here is the gyro from the same stand.  I love how accommodating people were when asked if I could take a picture of their food! 
 That about covers the food at the stadium.   Monday I will be at Spectrum Field in Clearwater to check out their food choices. 

In case you are wondering, I did watch most of the game from my fabulous seats!  Got to see former Rays player John Jaso. He was with us from 2007-2011. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lulu's Oyster Bar and Taphouse

This has been increasingly one of my favorite places to go and I realized that I have never shared it with you!

Every time I arrive, I am greeted by the big pink flamingo and think of my friend, Windy Lawson ~ Origami Owl Consultant extraordinaire.  Check out her page, you will see lots of flamingos!

This is a great place for parties of any size. I have come here alone and dined at the bar, with a friend and sat at a table and have brought a large group of 20 and it was not a problem! I've been working my way through the menu and I have not had anything that I didn't like. Honestly there are not many places that you can go and say "everything is good." 

On my most recent visit, I even tried the fried chicken - thinking to myself, "fried chicken, really?"  It is always on the menu, but if you order it before 6pm it's an early bird special and it's only seven bucks! Yes, $7!! And, it's served with two sides.  Now this is a half chicken - four pieces - breast, leg, wing and thigh! No joke, this is legit!!  It's crispy, but the meat is soooooo moist. I could eat this every day.
If you want to stick to eating seafood in a seafood restaurant, the grouper is fabulous, too. Fresh, local grouper. $13 served with fries.
Of course it is a full bar, so you can have your favorite libation! Happy hour is daily til 6pm - a well drink or pint of beer will cost you just $1.75.   (My friend ordered this drink - not a well drink, but it looked pretty!)
Even though we were both stuffed, we had to have dessert.  One dessert, two forks and enough to take home for later!!  This is the Orange Stack.  Orange cake, cheesecake, orange cake and an orange sherbet icing. ($7)
Lulu's has a different special every day ranging from 1/2 price shrimp dinners ($7) to All you can eat fried clams ($12). Check out the specials here

Lulu's is located at 500 - 1st Street in Indian Rocks Beach.  They can be reached at 727-333-7944. Check them out ~ Tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!