Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flame broiled burgers in Seminole!

Walking into Daly's is like taking a step back in time - when things were carefree!  With Rock around the clock playing when you enter (or whatever happy tune is on); you leave your troubles at the door.  The restaurant has a 50's theme, and that always puts me in a cheerful mood.

I walked up to the counter to place my order and immediately knew that I wanted a burger. (A couple at a table by the entrance told me to try the fish, but I was already craving a burger). The menu includes burgers, fish, chicken sandwiches ($3.75), hot dogs and a BLT. 
While reading the menu, I noticed they have fresh milkshakes. Hmmm. I decided on a chocolate shake, but still couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat.

I opted to have the single deluxe burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo and Daly's special sauce ($2.79) instead of the double regular  with mayo and Daly's sauce ($2.94).  Of course, I had to have the fresh cut french fries. ($1.95)

I sat down with my chocolate shake

and shortly thereafter my meal was served.  (Notice the table!)

I couldn't wait to peel back the wrap and dive into my burger!!

Oh just looking at those fresh cut fries makes me want more right now!

Daly's is open Monday through Saturday 10:30am til 9pm. Located at 10754 - 70th Avenue N, right off of Seminole Boulevard.   Daly's can be reached at 727-392-0200.

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