Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breakfast at the Pub on Indian Shores

We have guests in town and I was going to make breakfast for everyone, but they suggested that we go out for breakfast. [Not that I am a bad cook, the were trying to save me the hassle of cooking breakfast and dinner!] I was thinking of the local places that we could go to eat and someone said that Golden Corral has a buffet. Well, you know how I love my local businesses, so I would much rather go to one of those than a chain. (Not saying that anything is wrong with chains, I would just much rather support local business.) There are a lot of places that serve breakfast, but I wanted to show them how great it is to live in Florida. I decided to take them to The Pub on Indian Rocks Beach. I have been there for lunch, but had not been to the breakfast buffet. I thought it would be nice to sit on the water and watch the boats.

When we arrived at the Pub, we were immediately greeted and seated. Our table was inside right next to the window. We were close to being outside, without having to endure the Florida heat!

I was delightfully surprised at the buffet. The fruit looked so colorful and fresh! There was a wide variety of foods on the buffet as well. As I made my way down the line, I was presented with many options; scrambled eggs or western scrambled eggs, link sausage, sausage patties or bacon, potatoes or corned beef hash, french toast or pancakes. There were even Eggs Benedict on the buffet! Oh yes - and grits. As you will see from the next several photos - the options were numerous.

My plate had a little bit of everything! I love corned beef hash, but I hate to order it out - as I don't want to eat just hash. I had some french toast (okay, I had a pancake my second trip), some beautiful strawberries (and melon on my second trip), fresh pineapple, some bacon and sausage (sausage gravy on my second trip) and some western eggs.

You can find the buffet at the Pub every Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 1pm. The price is $11.95 for adults and $5.95 for children. You can go by boat or by car, as thereare 50 boat slips! Check their facebook page for specials. If we would've gone by boat, we could have had a free pitcher of beer!!

Stop in and tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Italian in Seminole at Sage's Restaurant

The fact that a restaurant has been within a 2 mile vicinity of my home(s) for the past 18 years and I have never gone there almost frightens me! How can a girl, who loves, food, loves local businesses and loves close to home not know about a wonderful eating establishment? I am almost sad that I was unaware of this great spot! I cannot say I did not know it was there, I have passed by it at thousands of times. I have WALKED right past it to pick up Chinese or on my way to Publix. I just never walked in the door!

I was working on trying to get a lot of stuff done around the house today, but my friend Mary called and said she wanted to go to lunch. I agreed under the condition that it was some place close so I could get home and get back to work. I suggested Sages, hoping that it wouldn't be disappointing.

We walked in and were immediately greeted. The restaurant was warm and inviting. The daily specials were a chicken philly served with potato salad ($5.95) or a pepperoni puff served with a salad ($5.95). Once we were seated, noticed on the table that they have $5.00 daily lunch deals. You can get soup and salad; pasta and meatball; 1/2 grinder with potato salad or coleslaw; mini cheese pizza or a small sage salad. (Salad choices include Greek, Antipasto, Caesar or veggie.) I was pretty convinced that I wanted the chicken philly, but I just LOVE a hot Italian sub and it seemed like the place to get one. When the waiter (super friendly, but cannot remember his name) took our order, I told him about my indecisiveness. He said that the Chicken Philly and Pepperoni Puff were equally good. Both made with homemade bread and very cheesy. I shouted in exuberance (okay, slight exaggeration) that I wanted the chicken Philly. Mary had already ordered the linguine with clams, but changed her mind to the chicken Philly as well. I told her that we could not order the same thing, because I wanted pictures of two different things, so I would order the pizza puff. The pizza puff was served with a salad. The salad was very nice and just the right size, with super fresh ingredients. I love crisp lettuce and red onions! Look at the brightness of that tomato. We we also served a basket of bread and butter. Yes, butter! Why does it seem like the past several restaurants where we have eaten, have given us margarine or substitute for the bread! I have my License to Cheat - Give me Butter!!!!

Shortly after we finished the salad, our lunch had arrived. Omigosh, it looked fabulous!!! I was wondering to myself, "could this be as good as it looks?"

Mary and I decided that we should split our lunches so that we could both taste both things. Of course I agreed, because the chicken Philly looked amazing!

What better than to have both of these for lunch. Once I started eating, I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Glad that we split them so I could eat both!

The lunch specials are served from 11:30-2pm. Sage's is Monday through Saturday from 11:30am - 9:00pm. They are located at 9388 in the Oakhurst Plaza. They also have a waide variety of grinders, salads, seafood dishes as well as house specialties. Beer and wine is available as well as a children's menu. Call them for the daily special 727-596-9000! Tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent ya!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Plaza Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant - Dunedin

I had spent the morning at D.lightfultouch Day Spa and Salon in Palm Harbor and was feeling a little bit hungry. I figured I would just drive south on Alternate 19 until something popped out at me! I passed several locations that I thought would be interesting, but I wasn't in the mood for Italian or deli, so I just kept driving. When I got into Dunedin, I remembered a little Mexican restaurant, El Zarape, which I used to frequent, and wondered if it was still there. I continued to 2020 Bayshore Drive, but there was no El Zarape. In it's location, is another Mexican restaurant named Plaza Garibaldi.

I decided to stop, since there was a sign outside advertising margaritas! It's funny - that is the reason why I stopped and I didn't actually have one.

I was greeted as soon as I entered. It was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and there were numerous other diners. Most were enjoying the margaritas! I looked around and it looked very clean. I ordered my iced tea and started perusing the menu. The waiter brought me the chips and salsas - regular and hot. I loved having the hot salsa in addition to the regular. What a nice touch, I thought to myself.

The waiter showed me the daily specials. I couldn't decide whether to have the $4.99 special or just have one of the regular lunches, which average $5.50. Ugh, I always have the hardest time trying to decide between a chimichanga ($5.75), a chili relleno ($5.50), tamales ($5.50) or fajitas ($6.99). [The chili relleno was made with a green chile.] I finally decided to go with the daily special, so I ordered the bowl tostado. My choices were shredded beef, ground beef or chicken. I opted for the shredded beef.

It didn't take very long for my friendly waiter to arrive with my lunch. Either that, or I was so absorbed in the conversation at the next table, that I didn't realize how much time had passed! Just kidding, I couldn't quite hear them!

Plaza Garibaldi is open 7 days a week, with specials every day. Oh, the Mexican beers are only $2.75 and served with an ice cold glass! Monday through Thursday, Buy one meal and get one half off with the purchase of two drinks and on Sundays, kids eat free with the purchase of an adult meal.

If you want to call them, their number is 727-330-7648. Tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent ya!