Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jessi's Restaurant - 18 years of homecooked food!

I have driven up and down 66th Street for years and have noticed Jessi's Restaurant but have never stopped. Recently, I noticed a new sign and some gorgeous big palm trees in the parking lot.  I stopped in to check it out and have been back several times since. 

Jessi's Restaurant has been located at 8331 - 66th Street N in Pinellas Park since 1997.  "Mamma" was the cook for the first ten years, and then she retired at age 80.  The restaurant has remained in the family with the long-standing recipes and traditions.
Breakfast is served all day (limited menu after 2pm) so I really had a hard time deciding what to eat.  The server, who has been there for 16 years, suggested the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich ($7.95) as someone at another table had it and I was curious as to what it was.  My husband ordered the Philly cheese steak with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and mozzarella ($7.95). 

There  are numerous paintings throughout the restaurant that are on canvas by a local artist.
 I am always intrigued by artists who have so much talent, as I can barely draw a stick person!

We didn't wait very long before our lunches were served.

 The restaurant serves fresh baked bread, and I overhead the waitress telling another table that you can buy a whole loaf! The next time I went to Jessi's, I had breakfast for lunch, because I just had to try the bread - and it was fantastic!

There is a large dining area that can accommodate big parties. Also, every Saturday at 5:30, there is a vocal duo performing live entertainment. I did not see a children's menu, but I didn't ask for one either. There are daily early bird specials - all for $7.95 ranging from chicken primavera to roast loin of pork with dressing.

Show your Localshops1 card for various specials. The day we were there, it was a free beverage with your lunch entree.  Ask, because the server said it changes!

Any further questions, call 727-541-1200.