Thursday, March 3, 2016

It's Time for Spring Training! Check out the ballpark food at Charlotte Sports Park - Home of the Rays.

To me, there is nothing better than opening day of Spring Training! I look forward to it from the day the regular season ends.  Most Spring Training games are during the day, which often means lunch at the stadium. 

I must admit that I was very surprised at the variety of food available at the Rays Complex. Of course there is standard ballpark fare of hotdogs and sausages, but wait until you see what else you can eat during the game!

The first food area that I came upon was this booth offering gyros, chicken pita wraps, fish sandwiches and fish & chips. [prices ranging from $8 to $9.50)

I was amazed when I saw the size of this fish sandwich!! WOW!!!
Continuing around the ballpark to explore the other aromas, I happened upon this:
 Cheesesteak sandwiches are $9.50 and curly fries are $5.00

 I asked this man if I could take a picture of his sandwich and he said, "as long as you don't bite it!" As tempted as I was, I didn't bite it!  The people in line said that the sandwiches are delicious, but I had to continue my trek to see ALL of the food that is available.

The stadium is not lacking of places to get a cold beverage! Stands, kiosks and bars are all along the walkway around the stadium.

                             It wouldn't be Spring Training without icecream and pretzels!


 This stand definitely piqued my interest. Stir fried chicken and rice served in a fresh pineapple. Really?!? Steamed jasmine rice with chicken, peppers, pineapple chunks, Thai spices and sauce served in a fresh half pineapple. [$9.00]
 I was very intrigued and had to hang around and watch this process!

                                                                    This is fun!
Continuing on around the stadium, the next stop is pizza by the slice.  $3.50 for a slice or you can buy the whole pizza for $21.

 Of course there is fresh squeezed lemonade and the ballpark favorites at the Hot Corner Grill.

 Homestand Concessions is located around the corner.


 The longest line that I witnessed was at the grill! These guys were working hard.

 Hotdogs, $5.50; burgers, $6 and either a sausage or bratwurst with onions and peppers for $8.
And yes, there is fresh popped kettle korn! [small $4.50 large $7]

 Ready for an ice cold treat? $4 for a cup or $6 and get a helmet!
Keep walking! There is more to see - and eat!! Wraps and sandwiches are available at the Metro Deli.

And there ya have it! Everything that you can eat at the Rays Ballpark in Port Charlotte!

Thank you, Mrs. Baseball Fan for letting me take your picture enjoying your hot dog!!  That is and always will be the most traditional baseball food!