Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pia's Trattoria is the ideal gathering place for friends, families and meetings.

Gulfport has always been an art community.  Lately, I have discovered that it is a dining mecca! There are numerous ethnic cuisines as well as seafood, vegetarian and barbecue.  Pia's Trattoria is a hidden gem on Beach Boulevard that should not be missed.

A group of business owners (including me) dined at Pia's on Saturday.  During the summer, Pia's is only open for lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  Ten of us attended a Localshops1 event hosted by Pia's.  It was a fabulous opportunity to see a LOT of the food at one time.  This, my readers, is a fantastic thing for you!

Our table was ready when we arrived.  It looked simply beautiful!

Bottles of sweet and sour orange herbal tea and strawberry lemonade were ready for us to enjoy.  These beverages are made daily, in house, and are delicious.

 While looking around, I noticed the art was more than just art, but hundreds of bottles of wine!

Everything at Pia's is made fresh daily. From the herbal teas, to the sauces, to the desserts - all fresh from scratch!

Let's start with my lunch. Farfalle pasta with spicy Arrabiata sauce and shrimp. ($19.50) Spicy, sundried tomato sauce, garlic and red onions, imported Prosciutto di Parmi, red cracked pepper and Vino Rosso.  The shrimp were cooked to perfection.  

Next is one of the daily specials.  In addition to the daily menu, there are two featured daily specials.  The seared scallops looked amazing!
Although the Salmone di Capri is an appetizer, it is definitely enough for a person's lunch! Smoked salmon with horseradish creme spread, sprinkled with a lemon and herb pesto and served with a grilled Italian focaccia bread. ($10.50)
The second special of the day was chicken parmigiana served over pasta.  The size of the chicken breast was incredible!
 I was happy to see someone ordered a panini.  The Crudo is filled with Proscuitto di Parma, mozzarella, arugula, olive oil and pepper. ($12.00) The paninis are made with fresh baked Italian focaccia bread and imported Italian ingredients.
As we go around the table... Spaghetti Di Bologna. Hearty meat sauce made with 100% select lean beef and lots of it! ($13.95)
Insalata Pia is a bowl of arugula with tomatoes, Italian mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese topped with salsa verde dressing ($10.50) and a ginormous chicken breast ($5.00).
 The mussels looked divine!  These can be found on the appetizer menu.
 Now for desserts!!!!  Fresh desserts are made daily and there are usually two different ones.  Cannoli and tiramisu are always available.   This orange meringue pie was a hit for everyone who ordered it.
 I ordered the tiramisu and was delighted. 
 Here is a picture of our gracious host, Pia Goff, and the Localshops1 girl.

The other Localshops1 businesses that were represented included Red Hot Tiki Spicy Gourmet Market, Concepts with Joie, Clothing with a Kiss, LLC, Gulfport Beach Bazaar, Funky Town Boutique, Paparazzi - Pretty In Bling Soup2Nuts Virtual Assistance Social Media Marketing, Liz M Lopez - Captivate Your Audience. Plus everyone's favorite local shopper and Creative Loafing nominee for "best local citizen" Charis Khavin and her brother, Kent.

Pia's is located at 3054 Beach Boulevard South in Gulfport. There are two private rooms available for family gatherings, meetings or large parties.  Pia's is open Sunday through Thursday from 4pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday from 4pm-11pm.   For questions or reservations, call 727-327-2190. Tell them that Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!