Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Three Birds Tavern Delighted All!

Michele Northrup from Intensity Academy Gourmet and Hot Sauce Company created a new sauce for their line and needed some taste testers. Three Birds Tavern uses the "Carrot Karma" as the table hot sauce, so the girls decided to meet there for lunch.

Three Birds Tavern is nestled in the midst of magnificent oak trees. Even though it is located on a busy street, you are taken away to another land and oblivious to any outside noise.
 (I am using this photo by Mac Perry as it is better than any of the ones that I tried to take!)

There is a substantial amount of outside dining and the north patio is pet-friendly. The north patio is currently covered with a tent, so it is shaded and protected from the rain.

Lunch started with a couple appetizers. The hummus of the day (served with grilled ciabatta bread) was spinach and feta. ($7)
We also ordered the Roasted Shishito Peppers and were just as the menu described: delicately sweet, usually mild, roasted and tossed with sea salt, served with a citrus pesto ($6)

House cut French fries are a necessary accompaniment to any appetizer selection, so we got those too!

Yes, even after all of that food, we still ordered more ~ the best is yet to come!  I was indecisive and went completely out of the ordinary and ordered the Banh-Mi Style Wagu Hot Dog ($10).  This is a grilled kobe-style all-beef hot dog, carrot, diakon, cucumber, shishito peppers, Sriracha aioli on a fresh French baguette.     
Banh-Mi Style Wagu Hot Dog

Sandwiches include your choice of either Three Birds frites, side salad or vegetable of the day.  Once I saw this item served, I was extremely envious that I hadn't seen it on the menu. The chipotle breaded chicken & waffle looked fantastic. ($13)
A malted Belgian waffle, cinnamon bourbon butter, maple syrup, deep-fried, chipotle "smoked chili pepper" breaded chicken breast and fresh cut fries.

The Three Birds spinach was simply amazing and I was so entranced by it, that I forgot to take a picture of the burger that was served with it! 

The “Old Faithful” Burger is a half pound of ground sirloin, mixed greens, tomato & onion on a grilled Kaiser roll. ($8)

And last, but not least is the Pork Belly & Blue Cheese Burger a half pound of ground sirloin cooked to order, topped with crispy pork belly, blue cheese, mixed greens & tomato on a fresh Kaiser roll. ($10) For an additional $2, you get the sweet potato fries!

Three Birds Tavern is located at 1492 - Fourth Street N in St. Petersburg. Present your Localshops1 card and get a free glass of house wine or bottle of domestic beer with purchase of any entree or sandwich.
Three Birds Tavern is open 7 days a week for lunch, dinner and a late night menu. Happy Hour from 3 until 7 pm Monday through Friday.
Questions, give them a call 727-895-2049.  Tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Flame broiled burgers in Seminole!

Walking into Daly's is like taking a step back in time - when things were carefree!  With Rock around the clock playing when you enter (or whatever happy tune is on); you leave your troubles at the door.  The restaurant has a 50's theme, and that always puts me in a cheerful mood.

I walked up to the counter to place my order and immediately knew that I wanted a burger. (A couple at a table by the entrance told me to try the fish, but I was already craving a burger). The menu includes burgers, fish, chicken sandwiches ($3.75), hot dogs and a BLT. 
While reading the menu, I noticed they have fresh milkshakes. Hmmm. I decided on a chocolate shake, but still couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat.

I opted to have the single deluxe burger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo and Daly's special sauce ($2.79) instead of the double regular  with mayo and Daly's sauce ($2.94).  Of course, I had to have the fresh cut french fries. ($1.95)

I sat down with my chocolate shake

and shortly thereafter my meal was served.  (Notice the table!)

I couldn't wait to peel back the wrap and dive into my burger!!

Oh just looking at those fresh cut fries makes me want more right now!

Daly's is open Monday through Saturday 10:30am til 9pm. Located at 10754 - 70th Avenue N, right off of Seminole Boulevard.   Daly's can be reached at 727-392-0200.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Let it Rain!

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once said, "Into each life, some rain must fall."  I am extremely delight that Rain has fallen into my life! Rain is a Japanese Sushi Bar and Thai Restaurant inconspicuously located in a strip mall at 5267 Park Street N. I have driven by hundreds of times and have not been aware of its location.

I met a friend to celebrate the final week of birthday month! We were immediately greeted when we walked in the door. The staff was very friendly and patient. (You know me, I can never decide what to order!) I couldn’t even decide between sushi and Thai!

The inside of Rain is very appealing. Rain is nicely decorated without being gaudy. The bathrooms were extremely clean with a selection of hand lotions and a motion activated trash can. (I love these special extra touches.)

There are numerous lunch including all of the classic Thai dishes ($6.95 for chicken, beef, pork, tofu or veggies; $8.50 for scallop, squid or shrimp; $9.50 for seafood combination) or pick two sushi rolls ($9.95). Both choices are served with either soup, salad or a spring roll. Ester chose a Mexican roll and another roll with the salad and peanut dressing. Given that Ester was ordering sushi, I decided to have Thai and I ordered the Panang curry with a salad and ginger dressing.
Service was quick. There were several other tables dining, but that didn’t delay our food at all. Within a few minutes, we had our salads, closely followed by our meals.

I was pleasantly surprised by the dessert! Fresh, homemade cashew butter in a wonton wrapper served with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

Rain is open Monday throught Friday from 11:30am-2:00pm for lunch and 5:00pm-9:00pm for dinner. Saturday from 5pm-10pm and Sunday from 4:00pm-8:00pm. Sunday, there is also Prix Fixe menu for $12.95  which includes a first choice, entree and the chef's dessert of the day. 

The are several daily after 5pm specials. Tuesday is 15% off noodle dishes, Wednesday - order 3 sushi items off the sushi menu and get the 4th one free and Thursday is 15% off curry dishes.

LIKE them on facebook to find out about more specials and events. If you have any questions, call 727-545-1781.

Rain Sushi Bar is one of's newest members. Click here to get a 1card and receive discounts all over the Tampa Bay area. Enter code TBAD to get your card shipped free!!  

The next time I go, I am sitting at the sushi bar. I love to watch the sushi chefs create ediable art!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

NEW RESTAURANT! Emerson's Fish Camp ~ North Redington Beach

Emerson's Fish Camp was open 1 day when a group of us went to check it out.  It was actually day 1, so they had not even been open a full 24 hours yet.  We were immediately greeted and welcomed when we walked through the door.

Since it is a holiday weekend and they just opened, there was a limited menu. There were several of us, so we ordered lots of different food and shared all of it.

Although it's small, don't be surprised by the high quality of food and service.  The bartenders and waitresses very friendly.  But, my favorite surprise of the day was ice cold Rolling Rock cans!! That sure made this Pittsburgh girl happy!

Since the restaurant is attached to a motel, the pool is right behind the restaurant. So, you may have some great entertainment while you are there too! 
Just down the beach from the famous Redington Long Pier, a popular Gulf Beaches fishing and tourist attraction, Emerson's Fish Camp caters to beachgoers and residents, tourists and locals!
 Our group just started ordering food.  The first thing that we ordered was chicken tenders - and we ordered it three ways, but I cannot remember the sauces! I wrote everything down, but misplaced the paper! ($6.95)
 Next we ordered a couple burgers. This was the American burger, served on a ciabatta bun. ($7.95) All burgers and sandwiches are served with either hand-cut fries, cole slaw or baked beans.
 As well as a black and blue burger. blackened and smothered with blue cheese crumbles ($8.95).

Notice the skins on those fries.  When my parents owned a bar (years ago) my mom was constantly cutting potatoes for the fries. Oh, that brought back such great memories. They were hot, fresh and delicious.

Next up in the stream of food was pulled pork quesadillas. My friends started inhaling the food before I could snap a pitcure, so we covered the gap with fries! This was 3 orders, but we were hungry! ($6.95)
I did tell you at the beginning that we ordered a lot of food!!

I haven't had a patty melt (made correctly) in so long, I almost forgot how great they are! Grilled onions, melted swiss cheese and a fabulous burger on rye make a fantastic patty melt. ($8.95)
There is a variety of seafood on the menu from catfish nuggets ($6.95) to shrimp po-boy ($9.95) and a catfish po-boy ($7.95) but the fish man had not arrived by the time we were ready to order. Next time I go, I will show you the seafood pictures. I am sure it will be outstanding!

Emerson's Fish Camp is open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm.  You can find them at  17100 Gulf Boulevard in North Redington Beach right in between the Sandalwood Resort and the Hilton Doubletree Resort. Questions - call 727-828-9933.

Tell them that you saw them on's Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight!  Enjoy the ice cold beer and fries! I sure did.

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Coffee Spot In Seminole!

UPDATE ****************LOCATION CLOSED********************************
It is so exciting to have a new place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee! 

Sombra Coffee is in the Publix shopping center on Oakhurst Road.  We stopped in the other day and I was delighted to see a wide assortment of lunch items available on the menu.

I was debating whether to get a breakfast sandwich or lunch as I was very intrigued with the spinach florentine sandwich. Fresh sauteed spinach, two egg whites, fresh portabella mushroom, and feta cheese crumbles, finished with a balsamic glaze ($5.95). This can be ordered on bread, English muffin, wrap or a bagel.   There are five different sandwiches available as well as a nova lox bagel ($6.95) or a hummus bagel ($6.45).

The selection of salads also sounded very delicious. I pondered over the spinach strawberry salad. Fresh spinach, topped with strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese and sunflower seeds served with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing ($6.95).  Six other salads are on the menu that all sound wonderful.  

I turned over the menu and saw that a "pick two" combination is available for $7.95. Pick any half sandwich and your choice of soup or salad. Now I just had to decide which gourmet sandwich should I choose? Tampa Cuban, veggie sandwich, French dip, chicken salad? I decided to go with the Italian. Genoa salami, capicola, pepperoni, sweet ham, provolne cheese, fresh basil and roasted red bell peppers topped with lettuce and tomato, finished with blasamic finegar and extra virgin olive oil.
The soup of the day was shrimp chowder.

Ester's breakast looked delightful!  The fruit and yogurt parfait is served with either low-fat vanilla or Greek style yogurt and topped with fresh fruit and berries. ($4.95 and an extra $1 to add granola.)

Sombra Coffee also has specials.  They are located at 9342 Oakhurt Road and open daily daily at 7am.  Sombra Coffee is one of's newest members! Questions ~ Call 727-400-6956.  Tell them you saw them on Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Tap Room and much more at the Hollander Hotel in St. Petersburg

It's times like these, when I find a fabulous establishment, that I wish I could just pack up and move closer to that place! Recently, Downtown St. Petersburg became one of the places that I want to live just because of the Hollander Hotel!

I had an appointment for a facial and a pedicure at the Rande James Spa.  The Spa is a member of and I wanted to see the facility and check out their services. First, let me say that the Far East Pedicure is the most fabulous thing I have ever done for my feet! Your legs are immersed in a steam bath, not dirty water! If you have not experienced this, you must call and schedule an appointment. (727-498-8811)

I arrived at my appointment a few minutes early, so I decided to walk around the Hollander.  I was greeted at the entrance to BrewD'Licious, by Brigitte. It was wonderful to see such a pleasant face as the aroma of fresh coffee wafter through the air. I had to try a cup. BrewD'Licious is also a Localshops1 member and they offer $1 off anything, which means a small coffee is free and a large is just 50 cents.  (727 741-2249)

After my pedicure and facial (which is also discounted 10% to Localshops1 cardholders), I perused the Spa to see what other services are available. Rande James organic makeup line is fabulous. The Rande James lip glosses are all infused with vitamins A, C, E and keratin. The natural soaps are available in scents like Pink Martini, Jasmine and Waves. The Soy Brite candles are made locally and have a scent specially designed for Rande James. Rande James also does makeovers with naturally formulated organic mineral makeup. 

 I decided to stay at the Tap Room and have some lunch.  It was Tuesday, so craft beers were only $3 (all day). I made a couple calls and had some friends join me for lunch.  Everything looked delicious and our server was very friendly.(727-202-6886)

I was having a hard time deciding, because I really wanted to try the stuffed meaty ball. This is a one pound mozzarella cheese stuffed meatball served on house baked focaccia bread ($8.50); but I was making meatballs for dinner so I figured I would try this on my next visit. 

We decided to just try several different menu items. This is the Cuban quesadilla. ham. mojo, roasted pork, swiss cheese and pickles drizzled with a creamy mustard sauce. ($7.50)

We also ordered the grilled chicken sandwich ($7.50),margherita pizza {gluten free crust} ($7.50), soup of the day ($5.00), tomato and fresh mozzarella ($7.50), a hummus wrap ($7.50) andgarlic and herb parmesan chicken wings ($8.50).

The list of appetizers also includes jalapeno wontons ($7.50), bacon wrapped mac and cheese ($7.50) and 4 different types of sliders ($8.50).

If you are in the mood for pulled pork, the gentleman at the next table ordered the mojo pulled pork sandwich ($8.50) and said it was quite tasty! Other sandwich items include a grouper sandwich ($10) and a turkey club ($7.50) as well as numerous pizzas and salads.

I was extremely happy when I ordered my beer to see a LOCAL glass!
The Tap Room at the Hollander also offers a 10% discount on food purchase with your Localshops1 card. (Enter code TBAD for free shipping on your card!)

The Hollander Hotel was built in 1933 and fully renocated in 2012.  The Hollander Hotel, BrewD'Licious and the Rande James Spa are located at 421 - 4th Avenue North. 

Stop by and tell them you saw it here on Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good Cookin' at Pam's Country Restaurant

On my way from Seminole to Spring Hill today, I decided to patronize one of's newest members, Pam's Country Restaurant, located at 6602 Ridge Road in Port Richey. We traveled a little over 1/2 mile off US Highway 19 and I was so glad that we did!  (I know, it sounds like we went 50 miles out of our way) I would have loved to have eaten outside, but it was just too cold to do that. Oh well, maybe next time!

I was delighted to see so many different things on the menu and I was having a little bit of a difficult time trying to figure out what to order. I finally got it down to two and my server (I wish I could remember his name) said to get the Greek wrap. It was gyro, feta, lettuce, tzaziki on a Mediteranean wrap ($7.95) served with either coleslaw or potato salad.  My other choice would have been the steak wrap.

 My husband ordered somekind of omelette. I usually have a notepad with me to take notes, or at least grab a togo menu, but today I did neither! The omelette was served with home fries and toast. ($5.95)
One of the daily specials was potato pancakes. He didn't want the whole breakfast, but we wanted an order just to try them.  They were served with either sour cream or applesauce. ($3.95)

I am sorry that I forgot our server's name. He was very attentive without being overbearing.

Also, I used my discount card and saved 1/2 off of my second entree. That was awesome! To get your card, click here! Enter Code TBADelight to save $5.00 off any $20.00 purchase.  This card saves you money at all sorts of LOCAL, independent businesses! 

Check back tomorrow to see more local, independent restaurants that you may have driven by hundreds of times!