Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breakfast at the Pub on Indian Shores

We have guests in town and I was going to make breakfast for everyone, but they suggested that we go out for breakfast. [Not that I am a bad cook, the were trying to save me the hassle of cooking breakfast and dinner!] I was thinking of the local places that we could go to eat and someone said that Golden Corral has a buffet. Well, you know how I love my local businesses, so I would much rather go to one of those than a chain. (Not saying that anything is wrong with chains, I would just much rather support local business.) There are a lot of places that serve breakfast, but I wanted to show them how great it is to live in Florida. I decided to take them to The Pub on Indian Rocks Beach. I have been there for lunch, but had not been to the breakfast buffet. I thought it would be nice to sit on the water and watch the boats.

When we arrived at the Pub, we were immediately greeted and seated. Our table was inside right next to the window. We were close to being outside, without having to endure the Florida heat!

I was delightfully surprised at the buffet. The fruit looked so colorful and fresh! There was a wide variety of foods on the buffet as well. As I made my way down the line, I was presented with many options; scrambled eggs or western scrambled eggs, link sausage, sausage patties or bacon, potatoes or corned beef hash, french toast or pancakes. There were even Eggs Benedict on the buffet! Oh yes - and grits. As you will see from the next several photos - the options were numerous.

My plate had a little bit of everything! I love corned beef hash, but I hate to order it out - as I don't want to eat just hash. I had some french toast (okay, I had a pancake my second trip), some beautiful strawberries (and melon on my second trip), fresh pineapple, some bacon and sausage (sausage gravy on my second trip) and some western eggs.

You can find the buffet at the Pub every Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 1pm. The price is $11.95 for adults and $5.95 for children. You can go by boat or by car, as thereare 50 boat slips! Check their facebook page for specials. If we would've gone by boat, we could have had a free pitcher of beer!!

Stop in and tell them Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!

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