Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's Spring Training!!! Let's eat in Port Charlotte - Home of the Tampa Bay Rays

Opening Day Rays Spring Training!!!!

This is better than being a kid in a candy store.   Let's take a walk around the ballpark before the game starts and see what kind of food they will have this year!

Of course there is kettle korn! 
  And the grills are hot! Pick Italian sausage, bratwurst, jumbo hotdog or a hamburger.

  I asked someone if he minded if I took a picture of his sausage!  Here is his....
                                                    and here is his friend's sausage!
Walking around the concourse is fabulous!  Watching the Rays warm up and the fans getting ready for the game.
                                                    Here we are in the bullpen.
                               I missed the picture of David Carpenter throwing me the ball -
but I caught it!  Thanks Mr. Carpenter!! :)
                                                                 Back to food!!!
 Here we are at the Philly cheese steak grill.  These two guys churn out about 20 delicious sandwiches every few minutes! I was amazed watching them!  The game actually started and I was still watching them make  cheesesteaks!

                                 Ah..... now to enjoy my cheesesteak and watch some of the game!

  As we continue around the stadium, there are still a lot of things to eat.  Ice cream, of course!!
                                         Oh, looks - it's Clawford ~ the Stonecrab mascot!!! 
                                                    Back to food. That's why we are here!!
                         There are chicken sandwiches and pizza, as well as French fries and ice cream.
I was very intrigued by the fish and chips. Last year, this booth was in a different section and was very busy and the fish looked fabulous.   Today, no one was in line and I couldn't see what it looked like before I ordered it! (I love seeing someone else's food to see if I want it!)  Which is what I did with the gyro below. That is not my gyro!
  Here is the gyro from the same stand.  I love how accommodating people were when asked if I could take a picture of their food! 
 That about covers the food at the stadium.   Monday I will be at Spectrum Field in Clearwater to check out their food choices. 

In case you are wondering, I did watch most of the game from my fabulous seats!  Got to see former Rays player John Jaso. He was with us from 2007-2011. 

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