Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old Cape Cod Kitchen in Largo

If you have driven north or south on Belcher Road in Largo, you have passed by the Old Cape Cod Kitchen and probably did not even realize it. Old Cape Cod Kitchen is located at 1479 Belcher Road South. Keep your eyes open, as I was meeting a friend there and I passed it twice! Tucked away in the corner of a strip center, you will be pleasantly surprised at the homecooked food awaiting you.

The inside is very quaint. There is a counter where you can dine and make new friends, booths or tables for larger parties.
Janice worked at the Old Cape Code as a waitress for eight years when the owner decided it was time to retire. He asked her if she was interested in buying  it and almost 1 year ago, she did just that. Her one year anniversary is on July 6.  Janice is super friendly and caters to her customers needs. It was so interesting and fun to see her interacting with her customers.  Dick, has been eating breakfast every day at Old Cape Cod Kitchen for the past 5 years. He would never eat biscuits and gravy because he didn't like them. Janice told him it was because he never tried hers. He has been eating biscuits and gravy every day for almost 3 years now! I was quite curious about them, so she brought me a sample! 
Each day there are different specials. Every Friday the special is fish and chips. Pollock, coleslaw and fries. ($6.95) You can have it New England battered, grilled, blackened, lemon pepper or dry batter. Saturdays are quiche days. The quiche choices were spinach, tomato and feta; bacon, tomato and swiss; or sausage, onion, peppers and cheddar. The quiche is served with a side (my choice was fruit) for $4.95.
Other breakfast specials include 2 eggs with bacon, ham and a side of authentic Boston baked beans ($4.95).

Janice caters to customer requests.  My friend only wanted a half order of Eggs Benedict and that was not a problem.  She wants you to feel like you are at home and to be comfortable.  The Eggs Benedict is also served with a side of tomatoes, grilled tomatoes, potatoes or fruit. I have been offered tomatoes before, but can't say I recall the offer of having them grilled. (half order $3.50) 

The lunch special was an Italian sub ($4.95). I chose to have it hot with homemade potato salad ($1.00). Here is another interesting note - the potato salad and coleslaw are made to order. All sides for the sandwich specials are $1.00. Soups are also made from scratch.
Not only does she offer fresh home cooked breakfast and lunches, but also fresh baked muffins and muffin tops.  The choices of those also change daily. The selections of muffins included French toaast, blueberry, bran, banana and pistachio. They also have a Cape Code muffin with blueberrys, cramberries, a secret ingredient and topped with Cape Cod chips. You will not find these muffins anywhere else! Muffins are $1.50 each or 6 for $6.00. If you just like the muffin tops, these can be had for one dollar each or 6 for $3. Again, every day is different, but choices included cinnamon applesauce, blueberry, banana and pistachio.

Cape Cod is open everyday from 7am-1pm and on Fridays from 7am-2pm.  They can be reached at 727-535-1602.

Just a reminder to support local businesses! Of every dollar spent at a locally owned business, about 70 cents stays local. Of every dollar spent at a national corporation, less than 40 cents stays local.

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