Friday, July 13, 2012

Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp

The Central Avenue District is really blossoming with all sorts of local businesses. (I am not really sure if this is the name of this area, though.) I was pleasantly surprised to see them number of shoppes and galleries. You could spend an afternoon meandering around the area.

Right next door to Haslam's Book Store, you will find Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp. They boast the "best crabs on the planet and now the best shrimp."  The building is on the corner of 20th Street and Central Avenue.
The menu is posted all over the front of the building so that you can decide what you want before going to the window to order your food.  As usual, I had to let someone go in front of me as I can never make up my mind! 
There is a wide variety of things on the menu including Po Boys (shrimp, fish and oyster $5.00), jambalaya ($5.00), boiled shrimp with potato ($5.00), mullet sandwich ($3.50), tilapia sandwich ($4.00) and crab shala ($5.00).  You can also get 12 boiled shrimp with potato for $5.00 or fried shrimp jumbos with fries ($5.00). I decided that I wanted to have crabs, but I still had to decide if I wanted hot crabs [spicy blue crabs - small !1.00 each, medium $1.50 each, large $2.00 each or jumbos $3.00 each], garlic crabs (3 crabs with potato $6.00, 5 crabs with 2 potatoes $9.00, or 7 crabs with 3 potatoes $12.00), fried crabs (3 crabs with corn $7.00, 5 crabs with corn $9, 7 crabs with corn $12) or snow crabs.  I went with the garlic crabs since they are already cleaned!
All orders are packaged to go, but we ate our lunches right there on the picnic table. Several people came and picked up orders while we were eating.   Rob had the fish PoBoy.  As you can see the fries and ketchup are already on it. Be sure to ask for extra napkins if you are dining outside.
I am looking forward to a return trip as I want to try the world famous 99 cent (whiting) fish sandwich and the grouper sandwich ($7.00).  In, fact, I think I will also buy the boiled peanuts ($1.00/bag) and take them into the Rays game with me!

Wild Blue Carb and Shrimp is located at 2005 Central Avenue.  They are open 7 days a week - Monday through Friday 11am-10pm and Sunday noon to 8pm.  Call 727-642-6365 if you have any questions.

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Stop by and say hi to the folks at Wild Cajun Blue Crab and Shrimp - and tell them Afternoon Delight sent you!

Have a place that you want me to check out? Let me know! 

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