Friday, July 2, 2010

BBQ and Bling


Nestled on 54th Avenue N. in Kenneth City is a diamond in the rough that has mouth-watering beef brisket! Smokin' Texas Style BBQ is the place to go. There is a small sign outside of Graham's produce at 5701 - 54th Avenue N that announces BBQ, but other than that, it is a little hard to find. Diana Vazquez and I stood and took in all the flavors before deciding what to order. This is not your typical restaurant, per say, the food is served in to-go containers and you can eat at the deli inside or take it with you. We had originally planned on a picnic, but with the rain, we decided to just stay there. The smoker was going full blast and the scent of bbq wafted through the air. I was having a hankering for ribs, while Diana was eyeing the brisket.

We actually just ordered a bunch of food and between the two of us, we ate chicken, ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and barbecue baked beans. We talked to Keith (the owner) for a while about Texas Style BBQ and he did learn to cook in Texas. They can do caterings for small intimate parties of 10 up to gatherings of 500 or more! I was quite surprised at the size of the smoker and how much meat can be cooked at once. The food was amazing and reasonably priced. I highly recommend stopping by here and picking up food to take home and serve for lunch or dinner. If I lived closer, I would be there all the time!!!!! If you are heading to a Rays Game, stop in and grab some ribs. They will cut the ribs for you - or you can take the slab whole. If you are heading south on 275, it is worth the side trip off the interstate to get some food for your tailgate party! You can call ahead and they will have it ready when you get there.

While we were enjoying our meal and watching people shop for seafood, we talked about this great one stop picnic location. Diana, who is a local consultant with Premier Designs Jewelry was very impressed with the fact that you could get your bbq, fruit, veggies, BoarsHead brand meats and Working Cow ice cream all in the same spot. Working Cow is also made locally in St. Peterburg.
Like this one stop picnic shop, Diana also is your one stop shop for all of your jewelry accessories. She brings her jewelry showcases to you and you can shop at your own convenience. Want to shop at lunch, after work, in the evening, over the weekend - Diana can make it happen. Invite some friends, coworkers, family or neighbors over and Diana comes to you. Her showcases currently hold approximately 125 pieces, with something for everyone! Want to host an event at your office or home, contact Diana directly at The average hostess earns between $200-$300 of free jewelry!

We decided that we should have a homemade strawberry milkshake, because how often do you get to have one of those? Gloria made us a fabulous strawberry shake using fresh strawberries. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Follow me and Olga Bof of Cheeky Monkey Books and Toys tomorrow as we head to Nitally's Thai Mexican Fusion Cuisine. I am really looking forward to this!

If you have any recommendations or questions, just ask!


  1. This stuff looks really yummy! Why slave over my grill for the 4th?? Why don't I just stop on by here and make it easy on myself. I could even pretend I made it!

  2. I will absolutely swing by there next time I'm in St. Pete and I'll let all my St. Pete friends know about it...sounds fabulous. Can you find me a good bbq place in Hernando and I'll take you to a great Mexican restaurant in historic downtown Dade City --- Del Carmen! Book me before your calendar gets filled.

  3. It is one of the places you drive by all the time and never think to stop.

    This was the perfect little place for an order to-go!

    It was so quaint and simple filled with good people ready to serve and assist!

    The food was tremendously proportion for your money! WOW, we eat so much!

    The best was the company! Billie Jo and I had such a great time together.

    Thank you again for allowing me to be your second luncheon!
    - Diana