Thursday, July 1, 2010

Talking Success over Seafood

Day One:

Today I had lunch at The Hurricane on St. Pete Beach with Jessica Rivelli. When we arrived at the restaurant, it said please wait to be seated, but there was no one to seat us! We sat at a corner table close to the street so we would have the best water view. The second floor was not open and we were told we could not get food on the roof, just drinks.

Jessica had the clam chowder and I had spicy conch chowder. Then we had an order of grouper nuggets. They have a lot of interesting appetizers. I thought about just having appetizers for lunch, but decided against it. I am quite curious about the portabella escargot, though! I finally decided on the crab melt and Jessica order the fish and chips. I must say that I had lunch envy when the food was delivered. Jessica had this massive slab of fish that almost covered the plate! It looked awesome. Mine paled in comparison. Then we had a piece of keylime pie for dessert.

Jessica is the founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay and Socially Successful. We discussed the importance of Social Media and email marketing. Jessica has a proven track record with both! The average facebook user has 200 friends and is a fan of 100 things. There is a very fine line between not posting enough and posting too much. If you don't post enough, your messages may not be seen. If you post too much, your friends may choose to "ignore" your posts. Socially Successful helps local businesses maximize their exposure on social media networks. She encourages her clients to create content based posts that spark conversation and interaction with their customers. Jessica was chosen by the Southern Chevy Dealers to take part in a month test drive of a camaro because of her savvy social media skills. Any questions about social media can be sent to Jessica directly at The website is

We talked about Working Women of Tampa Bay also. This is such a phenomenal group of women. I can say this, as I am a member also! Working Women of Tampa bay is dedicated to helping women build relationships that build their business. WWOTB just celebrated its first birthday and has 325 members! They are now going into Pasco and Sarasota. She is also working on a merchandise line. WWOTB is the fastest growing women's networking community in Tampa bay. Visit their website at to see the events. You can attend events without being a member! There are great benefits to being a member, though.

At this point, we are very hot as there was not even a slight breeze. Jessica insisted on feeding a black cat that was walking by a piece of her grouper nugget. The cat turned its nose and walked away! It was too funny. The birds flew down and ate it. I am sure the restaurant loves people feeding stray animals! I did not get a picture of the cat, but I did get a very nice photo of the lizard that joined us for lunch.

The Hurricane has WiFi access and also serves breakfast from 7-11am daily. They can accommodate very large parties or small groups. The rooftop bar opens at noon, but does not serve food. They are pet friendly out on the patio. A gentleman was having lunch with his golden retriever while we were there. They do have a children's menu and all of the items are $5.99.

After lunch, we decided to head upstairs and check out the view. Wow is all I can say! This is a perfect place to take out of town guests, a date (Jessica was actually here once on a second date) or just a night out. This would be a great place to watch the 4th of July fireworks. There was an awesome breeze on the roof. I told the bartender how we would've loved to have eaten up there and he said, "Just order the food to go and bring it up with you." Omigosh! There is your tip of the day. Take the food upstairs!

I cannot locate the cord to download the pictures off of my camera! I took a lot of great pictures. Hopefully I will find it tomorrow or buy a new one, because you just have to see the photos.

Tomorrow I will be having lunch with Diana Vazquez at Smokin' Texas Style BBQ. Follow us to Kenneth City!


  1. Love the post, almost makes the reader believe they had lunch with you two ladies. Great coverage and looking forward to the next post.

  2. Hiya Billie!!

    I have no idea what a crab melt is, but it sounds yummy... was it? You didn't tell us if the food was good or not, lol!!!

    Can't wait to see the pics, and great first article!!


  3. Great review! We haven't been there in years so I guess it is time to go check it out again! Maybe we should have a WWOTB lunch event there!

  4. It was a pleasure to dine with Billie Jo! She's such a supportive member. We love her.

    Please feel free to head to for more about WWOTB!

  5. It's nice to hear WWOTB is starting a Pasco branch, maybe Hernando will be next. That group is the best thing that could have happened to you. I am glad you became a part of it. I will try to stop by your blog every day, but I will probably gain 10 pounds just reading this. It makes me hungry!

  6. I hope the bartender upstairs doesn't get in trouble about you blabbing about what he said! This ambiance sounds great. I loved all the details, especially about the cat turning up it's nose!