Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talking Insurance Over Italian!

It was raining so hard when I pulled up to the restaurant that I almost called Michele Beaulieu and told her to eat without me! Then I had to get out and put money in the meter and run to the door. Of course I didn't have an umbrella with me!!! By the time I got inside I looked like a drowned rat! I love being all wet in a dress. Well, at least it wasn't white!

We went to Cafe Milano in downtown Clearwater. I have driven by this place thousands and times and did not even know it was there. Located at 105 N. Fort Harrison, I am sure you have passed it too. There were not a lot of people there at first; probably because of the rain. By the time we were leaving, it started filling up. I did check the bathrooms, as you can tell a lot about a restaurant by their bathrooms! The bathroom was clean and decorated nicely. The whole interior and exterior of the restaurant was clean. I entered through the back door. It is the only white building, but other than that, there are no markings to identify the restaurant through the back entrance.

My favorite part about the restaurant is that you can watch the pizza man make the pizzas. I thoroughly enjoy watching food being prepared. I think kids would like this as well. I didn't see a kids menu and forgot to ask for one. (sorry!) I don't see one online either. I will point out though, that they only use a brick oven to make the pizzas. I was told that brick intensifies the flavor of a properly cooked pizza.

Michele ordered the Pizza Italiano with fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and sauce. I opted for the Gnocci Al Gorgonzola. The pizza does not come pre-sliced, so you have the option of eating it anyway you like. You can cut it into slices, but I think I would have eaten it like a steak and cut it into unusual little shapes. (Yes, that could count as playing with your food.) Each of our lunches was $10.95. I was a little disappointed that my pasta was not served with salad or any sort of bread. The bread is my favorite part of a meal. Michele gave me some of her pizza, though, so I was able to use the crust as my bread!

Michele works right in downtown Clearwater so she can escape over to have pizza anytime she wants. She is employed by the Baldwin Connelly family of companies. She's the I.T. expert. The three insurance companies combined cover all aspects of personal and business insurance. From health, home, auto to private risk - they got you covered! The three different websites are, and

When Michele was 4 years old, she started playing soccer. She still plays soccer. She is a certified scuba diver as well. But my favorite of her activities is drinking beer! She loves beer as much as I love food and seeks out beer establishments with unique beers. We were talking about various bars that have over 30 different kinds on tap as well as placed with over 100 bottles. That's a lot of different beer!

We didn't have any beer with our lunch! Michele had to go back to work and I had lots to do as well. I will definitely go back to Cafe' Milano but I will plan on sharing with someone or going straight home with the leftovers!

Follow me tomorrow to Ella's Folk Art Cafe with Michele Northrup from Intensity Academy and the Rowdy Foodie Girls.


  1. I am quite surprised that there was no bread service with the gnocchi! What the heck! That's un-Italian! However, the pizza looks downright delicious!!

  2. I am drooling now, thanks! I was thinking Donatella(o)'s for my bday, but this is much closer and drool worthy!