Thursday, July 22, 2010

Margarita Madness and ManTrap's Arlene

UPDATE ********** CLOSED**************

Arlene Balog and I were going to go to a quaint little tea room in Largo, but at the last minute, we decided we would rather have margaritas than tea! So I will have to save the tea room for someone else.

Senor Locos is located at 10500 Ulmerton Road in the Largo Mall. It has been there a little less than one year. We arrived a little after 2pm so we missed the lunch rush.

First stop -- the restrooms. They were clean. Nothing on the floors. Small stalls, but that's ok.

Got back to the bar and ordered margaritas. Happy hour is two for one - all day, every day - on wine, draught beer, house margaritas and well drinks. We were immediately given chips and salsa and we ordered a queso dip to go with them! The queso was very good, but it was a little to thin. It didn't stick to the chips. We were making a big mess with the cheese dripping everywhere. It was a nice serving, though - in a big bowl!

I was having a hard time trying to decide what to order. I wanted fajitas, but I always order fajitas and wanted to do something different. I was going to try the chimichangas or the special burrito. What did I end up ordering? The lunch fajitas ($7.99)!!

They were served with guacamole, but you have to pay extra for sour cream. Usually it's the other way around. The fajitas were served steaming hot. Wow, look at that. YUM!!!! Served with rice and beans, there was definitely enough there fill me up!
It is only served with two tortillas, though. That's okay, as I didn't need any more food! Arlene was enjoying the queso dip and did not order anything else to eat. We started talking about how some people work at the same place forever and others change jobs a lot. Arlene loves her job and has been at the same place for quite some time.
Arlene has worked at Mantrap for 15 years and has been designing hair for over 25 years. Mantrap is located at 13177 Park Boulevard next to CVS. Arlene is very passionate about her work. She loves all facets of hair styling from updos to colors to braids. Colors are a favorite for her; low lights, highlights and even medium lights! Her favorite saying is, "I'm a lefty, but I'll do you right!" She is keratin certified and is also a razor cut specialist. Razor cutting is for thinning thick hair, taming gray hair and controlling men's hair. It gives great texture in hair. Scissors, razors, thinning shears - she is proficient with all of them! Every head is different.

Special occasion hair is another one of Arlene's favorite things to do. Whether it be for a wedding, graduation, prom, homecoming or any other special event, Arlene will make your hair beautiful. Updos are a lot of fun for her. She also loves to do braids. For example, French braids down the side, down the middle - creating art with braids. An added little perk is that she will travel to you for your special event. Arlene works long early days and late evenings to accomodate her clients.

Another thing that sets Arlene apart from the rest is that she does roller sets. Many older ladies insist on having their hair set with rollers. She is skilled in that area as well. No matter what you want done to your hair, Arlene can do it. Even if you don't know what you want done, she can help you figure it out!
If you want to make an appointment, just call Mantrap at 727-393-8751.


  1. I need to meet Arlene & make an appointment!

  2. Sandy StrenhusterJuly 26, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    I have been looking for someone to do my hair, but it is scary to find someone new. I think I will give her a call.

  3. Those lunch fajitas look yummy! Why couldn't they just throw in the sour cream, though? I want free sour cream with my dang fajitas!
    I've seen the work Arlene does on your hair and she is awesome! I wished I lived closer as she would be covering my gray! And roller sets? Wow, I used to put my hair in rollers...those pink, foamy ones. Hey, what's up with old people who go to the store with rollers? What are they setting their hair for? I saw a five generation photo in our local paper and the old lady left her rollers in for the photo. What the heck? If you aren't fixing your hair for a picture in the paper, what are you fixing it for? I don't get it...I'm starting to ramble. I'll stop now.