Sunday, July 25, 2010

Relaxing Sunday Brunch with a Reflexologist

I am really enjoying Sundays and Sunday Brunch! Today Ruth Hughes and I went to Cafe Al Fresco right on the trail on Mainstreet in Dunedin. There is nothing like getting a good table at a good restaurant to make your day! When I arrived, the place was really busy, so for us to end up with a corner table outside, it was phenomenal! Ruth must have some pull around there!!

First stop - the restrooms. I was very pleased that everything was environmentally friendly. The lights turned on automatically when you entered, the toilet automatically flushed, the faucet was motion activated as well as the paper towels. The trash can was overflowing though and papertowels were spilling onto the floor. I wasn't sure what to think. The staff was all men, though. Perhaps that is why.

Everything on the menu looked great, but I decided to have the "Poached Eggs Florentine." This is two poached eggs over spinach and bacon potato pancakes topped with a ham and mushroom cream sauce served with potatoes. Ruth ordered the daily special which was a turkey club. Sorry, I don't have a beautiful description as it was not on the menu!

After brunch, we decided to have dessert. The server said they were individual servings, so we each ordered one. They were HUGE! We could have easily shared these, as each of us took half of our desserts home with us. Oh, that reminds me - I think I will finish that right now!

Ruth ordered the Chocolate Bread Pudding and I had the Apple Tart. Both were served hot with ice cream.
While we were relaxing by the trail and watching people jog, bike, skate and run by, we were discussing Ruth's passion. Ruth is a massage therapist and loves it! It is so wonderful to meet people who truly love and enjoy what they do. Ruth has been a massage therapist since 1986. Ruth moved here from Laguna, CA where she worked at the Ritz Carlton. She has touched the backs and bottoms of several famous people. I don't think I can mention any names, but when you see her, ask her to tell you about it! I was screaming when she was telling me about it! I worked at a resort many moons ago and I checked in several famous people. I met the Smothers Brothers, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as well as numerous sports figures; but to actually touch them and rub their bodies! Oh my, It was all too much for me. I am sure the people at the next table were trying to figure out what we were talking about!
Ruth is the owner of Florida Reflexology and Massage Therapy. This is a treat for your feet and much more! Reflexology is very point specific and is great for people who are ticklish, as it does not tickle and the whole body is affected. I used to get reflexology massages all of the time, but my reflexologist moved too far away. I am thrilled to find a new therapist. If you have never had a reflexolgy massage, you have to add it to your bucket list. It is something you just have to do! Ruth also does relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, bamboo fusion massage, aromatherapy massage and seated chair massage. The best thing about this is that Ruth comes to you!!! No longer do you have to fit an extra half hour to hour in your schedule to drive and get a massage. She will come to your home or office. Wouldn't that be great to get an hour massage on your lunch hour?
I asked her if she could do more than one massage at a time because I was thinking of what a great "Girls Night In" that would be. Have your friends over and each person gets 15 minutes to a half an hour with Ruth while everyone else is enjoying themselves. How fun is that? Imagine how much fun your summer pool party would be if Ruth was inside doing massages for the guests! The other thing I thought of was a couples massage and she said that she can do it alone and do back to back massages, or she could bring another massage therapist and both people would enjoy the massage at the same time. That would be awesome. You would be totally relaxed and then not even have to drive home! The possibilities are endless. Email Ruth to schedule your party or event. She was also telling me about corporate employee appreciation parties that she has done. I would love to work for those companies! Free chair massages while you work!
What do you get for the person who has everything? The gift of better health! There are so many things that a massage does of which I was completely unaware. Massage lifts depression because endorphins are released. It keeps your body balanced. Stress is the precursor to disease and massage alleviates stress. Don't buy your friends more them a gift of massage. And especially a massage that is delivered!
I have always heard to make sure you drink water during the 24 hours following a massage, but I never knew why. Water is very important because massage stimulates circulation that includes toxins. Rather than letting the toxins settle back into your tissues, flush them out and cleanse with water. It all makes sense now.
Ruth keeps a pretty busy schedule and has a list of clients that have "set" appointments every month. Same time, same place! I heard it through the grapevine though, that she has some openings during the week from 10-2. Actually, I scheduled my hot bamboo fusion massage for next Thursday at 10am. Jessica Rivelli with Working Women of Tampa Bay said that I will love my Hot Bamboo Massage. She had one several weeks ago and said it was much better than hot stones because the heat is more consistent. She went on to say that it is a special treat beyond just a regular massage. Now I am even more excited. Too bad I couldn't get in any sooner. Don't wait to schedule with Ruth, that is for sure!!!
Tomorrow I will be having lunch at the Ozona Pig with Debbie Lane of Wisdom Hypnosis. Check back to see those pictures!


  1. I ride by here on my bike on the Pinellas Trail often and have wondered about it. Next weekend there is a group of us heading south and I think we will stop in there.

  2. I think that is awesome that Ruth comes to me! That is one of my problems with getting a massage - is having to go there and find a babysitter for the baby. Now I can put the baby down for a nap and get my massage and not have to worry about anything. I will definitely be calling her.

  3. Can I get my massage while eating an apple tart?