Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dental al dente'

What an exciting day today! I cannot believe how Spring Hill has grown and the great things that are developing. Today I met with Pat Augustyniak of Spring Hill Dental Associates. We went to Paisonos’ Italian Bakery for lunch and I must say I was completely overwhelmed.

First, I have trouble finding the bakery. It was between the Utilities Company and a Dollar General (I think – or something like that.) I walked in and was amazed at the beauty of the place. The bakery looked so yummy that I wanted to devour everything in it…especially the lobster tails! We then walked to the back room to order our food at the deli counter. The cheese section was phenomenal! I ordered the lunch special of lasagna rollups and Pat had a turkey sandwich. This wasn’t your mom’s turkey sandwich though! Pat asked for ½ of a sandwich and was told they couldn’t do that. She ordered to full sandwich and said she would take the other half home. When the meals were delivered to our table, there was only ½ of a sandwich on the plate. She had already packaged the other half for takeout!!!! That was awesome customer service!

In the meantime, I had dropped my phone and could not use it for anything. I had to ask Pat to take all of my pictures for me and email them to me!!! She obliged and by the time I had my tooth filled, the pictures were delivered to my email. (Yes, I had to have dental work today! Nothing like chipping a tooth on candy!

Pat and I talked about the OraSpa Dental Hygiene Spa. There are only four hygienists in the state of Florida and 100 nationwide that are certified for this type of care. It is a sensory fusion! I was amazed when I had my teeth cleaned in a spa setting as opposed to a standard room. Between the calming music, the massage and the essential oils, you forget that you are actually getting your teeth cleaned! I was so relaxed after getting my teeth cleaned; it was amazing! Pat was telling me the story of the woman who arrived complaining that she had a bad day and didn’t have time to do the spa treatment (even though it is the exact amount of time as a regular cleaning.) The hygienist told her that it would not take any longer and she would feel better. By the time the cleaning was complete, the woman did not want to leave the chair!! People always ask me why I travel and hour and a half to go to the dentist. This is the reason why… I don’t think I can get this treatment in Largo!

Tomorrow I will be doing a photo session at Enchanted Forest Gallery and dining in downtown St. Pete. Follow me to see what’s on the books tomorrow!


  1. Wow, I love the title of this post...Dental al did you come up with that, you clever girl?!
    I love Italian food and everything looks good here. I LOVE great customer service and that was wonderful of the server to wrap up the second half beforehand. Then you have a nice, neat 1/2 of a sandwich that you didn't pick the cheese off of or break a corner of the bread...everybody does that, right?

  2. I LOVE Spring Hill Dental Associates. I would go there even if I lived in the Bahamas. They are like family and I am looking forward to my appointment next week! Maybe I'll have Italian...after I get my teeth cleaned, of course.

  3. That dental spa experience you had sounds amazing! Anyone would really want something that relaxing even when his or her teeth are being treated in the process. Oh, nice title, by the way. The pictures are making my mouth water. Haha!