Monday, July 5, 2010

Nothing Better than Mexican with a Massage Therapist!

Two days in a row, I went to the wrong restaurant. This time though, I went to the wrong location. I was meeting Suzanne Andrew at Red Mesa. She sent me the link with the address and phone number and I wrote it down. Halfway there, I realized I forgot the address and just went to the one I knew was there. I was not aware of the downtown St. Petersburg location – and even though Suzanne had sent me the link with the address, I still went to the wrong place. I was 10 minutes late, but Suzanne was very forgiving!

The Red mesa located at 128 – 3rd Street South is a great place to meet for lunch. I must say though, arrive early, as you will have to find a place to park. Allow at least 10 minutes for parking! I walked in and was immediately greeted by the hostess. I had only moments to absorb all of the awesome surroundings. The light fixtures are awesome, the decorations are cool and the hostess was ready to serve. I found Suzanne almost instantly, as the dining area is just one large room. There are approximately 26-30 tables on the inside. Once I sat down and expressed my apologies for being late, we ordered duck tacos as an appetizer. This is the first time in my life I have ever had duck tacos! We then proceeded to order our lunch entrees.

I took a walk outside to see the courtyard and use the restrooms and I was pleasantly surprised. The courtyard is absolutely beautiful and I love the bathroom! I think if an owner puts nice quality fixtures in the bathrooms, they will have good quality food. I was not mistaken here! I was thrilled with my lunch selection of a carne asado burrito. There is a lunch special menu where everything on the menu is 9.00. Suzanne had the Shrimp and garlic entrĂ©e. I didn’t write down the name of it (sorry). But she let me taste it and it was phenomenal. YUM!!

Suzanne and I had quite an animated conversation including everything from dating over 40 (which is very entertaining) to other local restaurants! We had many serious moments during our time together, but most of the time we laughed and laughed. I am sure everyone at the surrounding tables was wondering what we were talking about.

Suzanne actually has 2 separate businesses and as different as they are, they are totally connected. The first one is SMA Solutions. This is a consulting firm where she is helping small to medium businesses be successful in this new economy. She mainly works with new startups and businesses that are growing. She will help you make sense of changes in the business world of the last three years. If you are in need of suggestions or want help on what to do, you can contact Suzanne at or visit her website at

Suzanne counteracts her first career by helping people feel better in the bodies they are in (which is how I met Suzanne). This is Thai Yoga Massage. Thai Yoga Massage is an amazing massage where you are involved in the massage. Suzanne will put you into a yoga position and then perform the massage. The muscles are actually being massaged when they are being used! Visit her website at or email her at

There are two locations for Red Mesa. The first is 4912-4th Street N. The second (which we visited) is located at 128-3rd Street S. I cannot wait to go back and sit in the outside garden. The waterfall is very impressive! The bathrooms (well at least the women’s) are beautiful. There is a wooden bench in there that I would love to have in my home!!

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Spring Hill. Follow me and see where I end up!
I promise it will be interesting!!


  1. Love the photos of the food, and I agree...If the fixtures are nice in the restroom, the food must be great! Sounds like you two had a wonderful time....Steph

  2. Did not know that Suzanne was such a multiple tasker! :-) Good info!

    Thanks Billie Jo

  3. Wow, I really wanna see the bathroom fixtures. This sounds like a real fun and festive place.

  4. I met Suzanne at a Working Women of Tampa Bay happy hour, but I had no idea that she did business consulting as well. That is super!