Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gormandizing and Gossiping

Unfortunately my lunch "date" scheduled for today had to cancel. I immediately posted on my facebook page and Jack Dugan rode in on his white stallion and rescued me from dining alone.

We decided to meet at Athenian Gardens on Starkey Road. Once I arrived (as I went to a totally different restaurant thinking I knew where I was going). We decided just to order all of the appetizers to taste a little of everything.

There are actually four locations of Athenian Gardens, all family owned and operated. They are located on Starkey Road, Tyrone, Gandy and Downtown St. Petersburg. They have quite an extensive menu of Greek food. The bar at the Starkey location was quite big and impressive. The first thing that we ordered was grilled octopus followed quickly by the Saganaki. They were out of the Skordalia, but we had so many other options, it was not even noticeable. We also had the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), hummus and spanakopita. I very much enjoyed the avgolemono (chicken lemon soup.)

The Largo Location has daily specials as well as happy hour. The happy hour is every day from 3-7 and you get two for one house wines and domestic draft beers. They also have a catering menu offering Greek salads, wraps, gyros, mousaka and pastitsio. I am looking forward to one day working my way through the entire menu!!

Jack did not want to talk about work, so we pretty much gossiped about everyone we knew for an hour and a half! If you are reading this, we probably talked about you too! We actually talked about local businesses and how important it is to support them. Supporting local businesses has been a big topic for Local Shops1. They have been working very hard to show people the benefit to the area buy purchasing local items. Especially your fruits and veggies!

We then decided that we should patronize another local business and visit the Angry Pepper Tap House. This was just renamed from the Oakhurst Tavern. It is located at 9366 Oakhurst Road in the Publix Shopping Center. There are a lot of new beers on tap, but we decided to go with the Woodchuck Cider. Perfect choice! Angry Pepper Tap House also has daily specials such as $1.00 tacos on Tuesday and $1.00 hotdogs on Sunday, (There is a special every day, those are just the only two I remember.) I think this may be one of the places I will re-visit and have lunch with during the next 59 days.

Tomorrow I will be joining Suzanne Andrew of Try Thai Yoga Massage at Chattaways in St. Petersburg.

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  1. Sounds like a great “canceled” day out!
    Angry Pepper Tap House sounds like a place to stop in.