Saturday, July 24, 2010

Authentic Cajun in Downtown Largo

Friday is the weekly networking function for the Unicity team. I have been missing this event as I had lunches scheduled. Jim Moyles asked me to leave one Friday open so they could all hear how I was doing with my 62 days. I agreed, as he always has lunch catered in from a local restaurant and I figured that would be a good opportunity to talk about catering. Well, there was food, but it was from Publix! Not that that is a bad thing; in fact that Cobb salad was awesome, but it doesn't fit in with my local restaurant theme. After the meeting was over I knew I had to go somewhere else. I do it all for you, baby!!

As I was driving back to Largo, I was going to stop and have Greek. I was undecided though, as I didn't really know what I wanted. Just then, Jack Dugan called me to ask a question and was telling me about this great lunch he picked up for his office at Po' Boys in Largo. I was heading that way and it sounded good, so I figured I would check it out. Once again, it is one of these places that you drive by a thousand times and never stop.

Gulf Coast Po' Boys is located at 312 West Bay Drive in downtown Largo.
It is a very small restaurant that is mostly take-out. There are 3 stools at a counter and a table for 2 inside and 4 tables for two outside on the patio. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by Anthony. He was so friendly and welcoming. It is nice to feel appreciated when you visit an establishment. I was having trouble deciding on the fried shrimp po' boy or the oyster po' boy. Anthony settled it for me by making me a combo! Actually 1/2 the sandwich was oyster the other 1/2 was shrimp. The sandwich platters are served with coleslaw and potato salad. I didn't realize this when I ordered the side of red beans and rice. I had enough food for 2 people! Oh and the best part was that the bun was toasted! Well, that wasn't really the best part, but it was pretty great!

I am not sure why I can't find the picture of the red beans and rice. I know I took one because it looked so awesome. Added some New Orleans hot sauce and I was happier than a pig in mud! The red beans are "simmered in chicken stock cooked with ham hocks, tasso, seasoning and served with rice." There are 2 bottles of hot sauce on every table: Crystal and Louisana Hot Sauce.
Some of the other intriguing menu items included the Dirty Roast Beef (served with debris) and the blackened catfish Po'Boy. The assortment of Po' Boys consists of fried, blackened or grilled chicken; fried or blackened catfish; Cajun Andouille; white sausage; fried, blackened or grilled shrimp; fried oyster. They also have a variety of cool summer salads including a New Orleans italian style which is marinated mushrooms, pimentos, black and green olives with artichoke hearts over mixed greens. I do not like olives, but this sounds phenomenal!!!
Also, on my next trip to see Anthony and Michael, I will have to order "Marilyn's Forbidden Bread Pudding!" Only because it is topped with her incredible whiskey sauce.
Michael and Anthony opened Gulf Coast Po' Boys about a year ago. Michael is from New Orleans and Anthony is from Trinidad. They serve authentic Cajun food. They also have a neat assortment of Route 11 potato chips for sale. Some of the flavors include: sour cream and chive, chesapeake crab, salt and vinegar, barbecue and Mama Zumma's Habanero. I was tempted, but I will have to save that for the next time.

Gulf Coast Po' Boys is open Monday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday. Hours Monday through Friday are 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
Stop in and see Anthony and Michael. It is worth the trip!


  1. I pass by here all the time on my way to work. I will definitely stop in on my way home one night and pick up dinner!

  2. Well, nothing is better to me than great customer service and a greeting that makes me think they want me there. I hate to not be acknowledged!! I'm not sure why, but I think that I'm some kind of princess and should be treated like royalty. I don't even care if the food isn't the greatest; if you make me feel special, I will come back. And to make a sandwich with two different things, just to make a customer happy, makes this a top-notch place, in my opinion!

  3. I've been wanting to try this place! Little places like this usually have such great food and are hidden gems.

  4. I drive past this place all the time. I've even left Avon books there! Have to eat there soon!