Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All About Abbreviations with Suzanne Andrew

The VIP is located at 10625 Gulf Boulevard on Treasure Island across from the Bilmar. The VIP has been in existence since the 1970's, and although easy to miss, it is a landmark in Treasure Island. There is a long bar that seats up to 18 and some small and medium tables. Large parties can be accomodated on the outside patio.
The ladies room is only one stall and is very small. It was clean, though! I had to laugh when I saw the sign above the toilet:

We started off with an order of chips and salsa ($2.95). The salsa was definitely homemade and not from a jar! The tortilla chips are fresh cut and fried. They are not salted either, which I loved! I usually wipe off too much salt on chips. If you want salt, you can add it yourself. There is so much flavor, though, you might find that salt is not necessary.

The waitress took a very long time to take our order and I changed my mind about what I wanted several times. Debbie knew what she wanted as soon as she sat down and usually I am forced into making a quick decision, but since the waitress was very slow to return, I had extra time to decide what I wanted. Debbie ordered the chimichanga ($9.95 + $2.00 for rice and beans)and I had the "Big Mamu" shredded beef burrito. ($8.95 + $2.00) My burrito was so big, it had its own plate and the rice and beans were served on another plate!
The discussion between Suzanne and I ended up being a lot of acronyms and abbreviations. I ordered the BAB (Big Ass Burrito), Suzanne ordered the SMC (Shrimp Mole Chimichanga) and hers was DFG (Deep Fried Goodness.) We talked about terms we've used such as JBF and NSF and even her business name SMA Solutions. It's funny how everyone knows what you are talking about when you ask for a PB&J.
We had such a great time at lunch today. I am trying to decide whether I should do a TOP 10 list or some other sort of thing. Best of categories perhaps. Anyone have any suggestions, let me know, because you know I do it all for you, baby!!

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