Saturday, August 21, 2010

Randy's West Indian Restaurant and Roti Shop

As I was headed to St. Pete, I was feeling a little hungry and did not have a "lunch date" scheduled. I was just going to skip lunch and have an early dinner, but I do it all for you, baby, so I decided to do something adventurous! As I was looking at all of the restaurants on Highway 19, I spooted this tiny restaurant and was immediately intrigued. Randy's West Indian Restaurant and Bar. I figured if the place was too dirty or anything, I could at least have a beer and say I was there! The menu says Roti Shop as well. Randy's is located at 1310 - 34th Street N. in St. Petersburg.

I walked in and was immediately greeted by Randy. He was serving another customer, but he made me feel welcome in his establishment. I liked it already. It's nice to see smiling faces and be greeted when you walk in the door. Mind you, he was at least 25 feet away from me when he yelled hello! He could tell that I had no idea what I was doing in there, so Randy and the other customer started guiding me through the menu. The other gentlemen must eat there every day as he knew about every item on the menu. I must admit this was totally new to me! I think they knew this as well.

The menu items include: curry goat, curry duck, curry beef, curry potato, curry shrimp, curry chicken or stew chicken. You can get these served with rice or roti. There is also oxtail, rice and beans as well as pelau and chicken. Peleau is peas, carrots and rice cooked in coconut water. There is a vegetarian version as well. Randy suggested I have the stew chicken and I figured that was a good place to start!

My meal was served over rice with beans and with some sort of slaw made of carrots, peppers and cabbage (I think). ($6.50) The hot sauce was very flavorful and I could have used the whole bottle! I will go back just for the sauce!!

I wish I would have reviewed the menu a little bit before ordering as I would have loved to try one of the beef patties ($2.00) as an appetizer. I figured I would have dessert afterwards, but I was too full. I know, me, too full for dessert! They have either a currant roll ($1.50) or Kurma ($1.50). I will definitely try one of those next time I am in there. I am quite curious about the cow heel soup ($5.00) too! Randy told me to come back and I definitely will. I love restaurant owners who appreciate my business.

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