Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Bento Box and a Facial.

On the way to Irene Gott's Day Spa (located at Crimson Spa in Safety Harbor), I stopped at Yuki Japanese Steakhouse for a quick lunch before my facial.

I wasn't sure what to expect for lunch as I have only been there for dinner. I got there just after they opened (about 11:45), but as it got closer to noon, the restaurant filled up rather quickly.

I decided to order the Tempura Bento Box ($8.95) which included soup, California roll, salad and rice. There were 4 shrimp tempura and the vegetables were: asparagus, broccoli, potato, carrot and zucchini. As an added bonus, there was a little spring roll! My waitress was very pleasant and the sushi chefs never stopped working the whole time I was there. There were a lot of people having sushi for lunch.

I arrived at Crimson Moon Spa and Boutique in Safety Harbor, located at 400 - Second Street North. Irene took me back to the facial area to being my facial. First Irene did a complete evaluation of what my skin needed. After the consultation Irene decided I need the works, since it has been years since my last one.

After cleaning my face, she notice some hairs that needed waxing, after the pain, I was ready to relax. (Talk about being honest in a blog. Don't ever tell anyone else!)

Irene applied the exfoliation peel, to remove the build up of dead skin cell. Next, she recommended the medical microdermabrasion to go deeper into layers of build up and renew healthy cells. After this treatment, my skin was as smooth as baby's skin. Irene applied the infra red and blue light therapy to renew the collagen and lighten the sun damage. It was so relaxing, I begin to sink into a deep relaxed state of mind. I dosed off to sleep and I am not sure how long I actually slept. As I started to wake up, Irene suggested one more procedure called the non surgical facelift to tone and lift the muscles of my face.
At the end of the session, Irene recommended the skin care products from Syence of London. As she applied the products, she explained the four step hydration products. These work together to bring up the moisture and to plump up the skin. When I looked in the mirror, my face and body was renewed, relaxed and rejuvenated.
I felt like I just had a stay-cation. Irene can answer any questions about facials and Syence products. Call her at 727-560-5025.

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