Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Lunch Hump Day! What More Could You Want?

This afternoon the Working Women of Tampa Bay had a "Power Lunch" at Carrabbas Italian Grill. I had the chicken marsala with vegetables. Suzanne Andrew shared her "Five Rules for Business Success in a New Economy." The luncheon was well attended and informative, but it did not fit into the parameters of my local dining out. Therefore, just for you, I checked out a second place!

You may have seen Pssghettis located on the corner of Enterprise and US 19 in Clearwater. I was very pleasantly surprised when I walked through the front door. There is an Italian Market at the entrance. You can purchase all sorts of meats, prepared items, pastas, sauces and even plates and serveware! I was amazed.
There is a coffee pub, where you can order muffins,
scones and coffee cakes, a pizza bar if you just want to order pizza by the slice, or you can go to the hostess and be seated at the bar or in the main dining room. I chose the bar. (It was happy hour. Happy hour is from 2-6 daily.) If you are seated at the bar, happy hour includes 1/2 price appetizers. Another bar special is a 12" pizza with one topping and a pitcher of beer for $12.00.

I went into the restrooms and they were fabulous! I thought I took pictures of the sinks, but I must have deleted them or not taken them as I cannot find them. Bathrooms were very clean!

I was very entranced with this restaurant and everything about it. Tony, the bartender, took me on a tour to show me all of the aspects of the restaurant.

The main dining room is beautiful and has a view of the open kitchen where the chefs are preparing all of the meals. I love watching chefs prepare the meals. Off to the left is a separate meeting room. It is equipped with a plasma TV for any type of presentation. I forgot to count the chairs, but if I remember correctly, there was seating for up to 12. There may be more, though.

The next stop on the walk-through was a banquet room. This large room has doors that open to the outside patio where your guests can dine inside or stay inside.

I thought that patio seating was only available if you were having a banquet, but there is another huge section of outside patio dining located on the east side of the restaurant. This was absolutely beautiful.

The restaurant is open daily at 7am. The breakfast menu includes breakfast sandwiches ($3.25), steak and eggs ($9.25), fritattas ($4.75) as well as omelettes ($4.50). I heard from a very good source that their breakfasts are very good!

Today, I only had a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup. I wish I could have eaten a lot more, but I actually did just finish lunch at Carrabbas!! I just had to check out a "local" restaurant - I do it all for you, baby!

I am really looking forward to the next time I go back to Pssghetti's. The staff was warm and inviting. I know I will have to go back a lot to try everything on the menu that I want to try. (At least the Osso Busco $17.99 and the Braciole $16.99). It is a good thing that they are about a half an hour away from me, otherwise I think I would gain a lot of weight. I will post more pictures of food the next time I go back!

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  1. Wow, I love all the seating options at this place. I also think the idea of walking in and just grabbing a slice of pizza is wonderful. And the Italian market and coffee bar...well, there's just no reason not to stop here!