Tuesday, August 3, 2010

There is always Hope for your vehicle in Clearwater, FL

Sunday morning was spent with Hope Peterson of New Hope Auto and Truck Services. We decided to check out Gators Cafe on Treasure Island on the Pass. We were delightfully surprised to see that they start serving cocktails at 7am daily!

My morning started off with a Bloody Mary! As you can see, they have quite the extensive Smirnoff vodka collection! (bottom row is all Smirnoff Vodka.)

It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to eat. I don't know why I have the hardest time picking. Well, actually I do know why - and I do it all for you baby! I am trying to find original things on a menu. Things that you won't find a lot of places or may just be unique. As you may have noticed, you will never see me eating a plain burger or a cheese quesadilla. I finally decided on the Chili Cheese Omelet (with jalapenos). ($6.79) It was served with either potatoes or grits and toast. I chose the English Muffin. Always dry, I can butter it myself!

Hope ordered the Crab Omelet. ($8.69) She didn't want potatoes or grits, though. I should have had her order the grits anyway, just so I could taste them. Or at least seen if they were thick or runny. I will remember that next time! I think that her omelet was a lot thicker than mine and it was filled with crab. It looked quite yummy and she said that she would order it again.

It was really nice sitting there and watching the activity happening on the water. Lots of boats coming and going in and out of the pass. There were lots of fans running, so we were actually quite cool. We were talking about all of the machinery and equipment in the water for the bridge construction and quickly changed the subject to the importance of maintenance on your own personal vehicle. I have always had the "wait until something is wrong and deal with it," whereas Hope is trying to teach me the importance of "preventative maintenance." Funny how my business is dealing with preventative healthcare, yet I do nothing preventative for my van. Well, that will change now!

New Hope Auto and Truck Services is located at 10801 - 49th Street N. Hope has more than 20 years of auto and truck repair service experience.

Hope has a Car Care Clinic once a month right at the shop. The first hour is spent in the "classroom" and the next hour you are actually working with your car and learning about your car. You can register for the car care class on August 14th by clicking here. Handouts are provided by the National Car Care Council.

New Hope Auto & Truck Services is pleased to announce they have completed AskPatty.com’s Certified Female Friendly® training and is now Clearwater, FL’s first Certified Female Friendly® service center. To achieve certified status, their personnel completed online training on how to better meet the expectations of the woman consumer.

Hours are 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. New Hope Auto & Truck Services also provides shuttle service, early mornings, late evenings, weekends by appointment and FREE towing with repairs.

Give her a call and ask her advise...even if your car is at another repair shop. Hope always looks out for you! 727-572-8877.

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  1. I love that this restaurant has something to "watch" while waiting for your food, i.e., boat coming in and out. Unusual for drinks to be served at 7am. I guess that's an important feature to a lot of people!
    I think it's wonderful that Hope has car care clinics monthly. I would love that! I think we all should know how to do things to maintain our car. Hey, Hope, why does my passenger side front window not defrost in the winter?! I already changed the cabin filter...yes, myself, with direction from my husband. I hope I don't have a squirrel related problem as my husband did with his car!