Monday, August 9, 2010

Sharon Less Is Really A Whole Lot More!!

Charann's Tavern is definintely tucked away on Hillsborough Avenue. I almost passed it, even though my Garmin was yelling at me to turn right! Located at 6821 W. Hillsborough Avenue, Charann's is nestled between another restaurant and a Latin market.

I was a little early, so it gave me some time to check out the place before Sharon Less arrived. Charann's has been serving food in this area since 1969. They were originally on the Causeway by the old Tanga Lounge (for those of you that have lived in the area for a while), but had to move for the road construction. I was one of the few people in there, but within 15 minutes, the tavern was packed. There were businessmen, cable guys, repairmen and couples having lunch. Although the place is small, there are 12 TV screens, some big, a few small. They also serve 16 different beers on tap.

First stop was the restroom. This is the first time that I have ever seen a pathway to the stall. It was quite interesting! The bathrooms were very clean, though. You know how I hate a dirty bathroom!!!

I was reviewing the menu and delighted about getting to pick the peppers for my sandwich. You can choose sweet (bell), banana, mild (pepper juice), medium (cherry peppers), hot (cherry and crushed red), extra hot (extra cherry and crushed reds), Oh My God (jalapeno and extra hot) and the devil (habanero and Oh My God). They also serve tater tots!!!! (The only thing that disappointed me was that thyy didn't serve Heinz ketchup.) If you are not in the mood for a cheesesteak, they also have 1/2 pound burgers, tuna melts, patty melts and deli sandwiches. The appetizer list includes boiled peanuts, a hot pickle spear and hard boiled eggs.

Sharon Less with Kara Vita was telling me how long she had been coming to Charann's and how the food has remained the same. The servers and bartenders are nice and friendly and it is a very homey, welcoming place. We decided to order, as I couldn't wait to taste one of those cheesesteaks. I ordered it hot with banana peppers (I copied Sharon's order as I didn't know you could pick two kinds of peppers!) We also ordered tater tots, as I was so excited about seeing them on the menu! They were nice and crispy, yet soft inside. Yum!
Sharon has been with KaraVita since 2003. She was the 58th consultant to start with with business. Kara Vita has been manufacturing products since 1989, but they were only sold to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. In 2003, the company decided to make their products available to everyone.
The difference in Kara Vita skincare products is that they are pharmaceutical grade. The grade levels are cosmetic, industrial, commercial and pharmaceutical. The cost of a kilogram of costmetic grade Vitamin C is $11.75, whereas the phamaceutical grade of vitamin C for the same amount is $800.00. All of their products have a 2-5 year shelf life and that is due to the strict manufacturing in a controlled facility. The Kara Vita manufacturing facility is located in St. Petersburg. It was previously located in Orlando, but in 2005, they relocated to St. Petersburg. I took a tour of the facility last month and was so impressed with the rigid regulations and systems in place. I was amazed as Sharon explained that you don't know how long a company's products have been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse and if the temperature is controlled. For example, Vitamin C is affected by heat.
One of the products that I have personally tried is the sunscreen. My skin is very white and when I am out in the sun without sunscreen, I burn and turn quite red! I apply sunscreen daily and normally re-apply it throughout the day - and I avoid the sun! Shortly after I received the sunscreen, I went to a lake party. I applied the sunscreen all over and hit the lake. I did not think another thought about reapplying the sunscreen. I was having too much fun in the water and playing games. The next day I knew I was going to be so sore and red because I neglected my skin. Nope! Not one bit of red on my entire body! That convinced me! I will never use anything other than Kara Vita sunscreen.
The sunscreen is the only thing that I have personally tried, but Sharon informed me that all products are guaranteed results in 2 weeks or you can get your money back. (This is a 30 day guarantee). They have products for all of your skincare needs ranging from cleansing to balancing to hydrating, purifying, anti-aging, acne, body care to sun protection. You can visit the website by clicking here. If you have any questions about any of the products, contact Sharon at
Sharon also went on to tell me that you can start your own KaraVita business with only $99.00. And there are no autoship requirements or minimums to purchase every month.
This was an amazing lunch with Sharon. It is absolutely wonderful to have lunch with someone that you really don't know and to connect on a level that is unexplainable. I know I say I do it all for you, baby...but this one ended up being for me!!!

Keep following me to see where I will end up next and who I will be having lunch with me!


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