Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Schnitzel in the Summer in Seminole

I think this is one of those "best kept secrets!" Portobello Diner located at 13023 Park Boulevard is a hidden gem that you might not expect to find in Largo/Seminole. It is a small restaurant (seating for about 40) that has a couple tables outside as well.
First stop was the restroom. You have to go through this decorated arch to get to the restrooms, so it doesn't look like that is where you are headed. The ladies room was very clean. You know how I hate a dirty restroom.
Next, I could not decide whether to have breakfast or lunch. Potato pancakes and German pancakes sounded so good, but so did the schnitzels! I decided to go with the lunch, since this is Afternoon Delight and I do it all for you, baby!! (breakfast is served 8:00-11:30 and lunch is served from 11:00-2:00) I was there in the time window where you could order either one. This would have been great for Bob and I as he always wanted breakfast and I always wanted lunch. I opted for the WienerSchnitzel [pork] ($8.95) The schnitzel was served with a salad and fries, but I upgraded to a side of spaetzle.

They also serve subs ($5.85 avg.), burgers (4.15), gyros ($6.25) and salads ($7.25). The salad was served with a home-made dill dressing. I like the colorful tortilla strips on top.

The inside is very quaint and nicely decorated. I love the cute salt and pepper shakers on the tables.
Beer and wine are served. I only had iced tea with my lunch though. The waitress was there every time my glass got low. Very attentive service, but not overwhelming. I look forward to going back here to have breakfast. I am quite curious about the potato pancakes. I want to see if they make them like my mom did!

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