Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On The Beach Doing Good Things!

Having lunch on the beach feels like you are on vacation even when you are not! As you are driving to Screwie Louies on Maderia Beach you see the most interesting sights and see beautiful sandy beaches. You can dine inside or outside as well as bar seating inside and out.

We sat outside and enjoyed the great breeze Mother Nature had to offer! Tricia decided to have the pulled pork sandwich with potato salad ($5.99) while I had Screwie Louie's Shrimp ($7.99).

And if seeing a beautiful beach isn't enough, I also got to have lunch with one of the most amazing and generous women that you will ever meet - Tricia Garner! Tricia is very actively involved in the community raising awareness for children with disabilities. Once you spend any amount of time with her, you are compelled to do anything that you can to help her and the children!

Tricia and her family used to raise money for their daughter's suit therapy by selling things at the local flea market. They realized that many families needed this assistance and wanted to help them as well. After praying, the family decided to start a non-profit charity to raise money for local children to cover therapy costs and items needed to improve their quality of life. Christine Mary's Charities was born!

They work diligently to raise money three ways: thrift store sales, fundraisers and donations from individuals and businesses. They are always looking for volunteers to help sort things as well as work in the thrift store. If you can spare even an hour, please call 727-259-1364. Please visit their facebook page and click "like" to be advised of all happenings with the charity and the thrift store.

Currently they are in need of Campbells soup labels/points, Box tops for education and My Coke Rewards to help the local school for children with disabilities. Also, they will take your used ink and toner cartridges.

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