Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mid-Day Meal with Melanie Talking About Massage

Melanie Neumann and I drove around for a little while before deciding to eat at someplace with a view. We chose Jimmy Guana's on Indian Rocks Beach. It was really hot outside, but in the shade, it was very comfortable. Jimmy Guana's is right on the intercoastal, so the view was fabulous. I was a little jealous of the boats passing by as I knew that they were not going back to work after lunch!

First stop was the restroom. As I walked through the inside of the restaurant, I slowed my pace so as to enjoy the air conditioning for a little while longer. The inside of the restaurant is quite different from the outside. It looks very festive and fun! The bathroom doors were labelled with captains and mermaids. Sometimes I have to stand at the doors for a little while trying to figure out which one I am. This one took no time... I'm a mermaid!

Out of all of the restrooms I have been in the past two months, I must say this one is my favorite! I LOVE the sinks and the painting on the walls. I thought the dining room was festive, until I saw the bathroom. And, omigosh, the sink! The restroom was incredibly clean and well maintained. Yay! I was impressed. I figured I better get back outside. Melanie was probably wondering why I was gone for such an extended period of time; but I was enjoying the surroundings!

It took me a few minutes to decide what I wanted to order. I have the hardest time sometimes trying to find something unique for you! (You know I do it all for you, baby!) Melanie knew almost immediately that she was going to have the grouper sandwich. I finally decided to have the jerk chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese. The sauce on the side was quite yummy!
Our waitress, Susan, was very friendly and she kept my iced tea full! I hate looking around for the server to give me more to drink. She always stayed within our sight.
Once we had our food and were no longer starving, we started talking about Melanie's business, Tampabay Massage Therapy and Wellness Center. Melanie is a licensed massage therapist specializing in neuromuscular therapy and prenatal massage. She is also a Doula. Yes, I had to ask what that is. A Doula's role is one of physical and emotional support to the mother. Doulas are trained in massage, breathing and other comfort measures to help the mother cope with the labor. She stays by the side of the expectant mother throughout the labor.
I was very intrigued with the services Melanie provides. Not only does she perform prenatal massage and hot towel foot exfoliation, but she also does 3D/4D Ultrasound. This amazing technology lets you see their little fingers and toes, lips and nose. I can't believe that you can even see eyelashes! You can schedule a gender party/baby shower!
Melanie's services are not only for expectant mothers. She offers a Swedish/relaxation massage, a neuromuscular/deep tissue massage, bamboo fusion as well as a detox foot bath. Melanie's signature massage combines Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, stretching and myofascial release techniques to provide the ultimate relaxation massage! The bamboo fusion massage uses handcrafter pieces of bamboo that have been rounded and shaped for massage. They are kept hydrated with a light natural oil and heated. If you have ever had hot stone therapy, I was told this will impress you much more.
One of my favorite features of Tampabay Massage Therapy and Wellness Center is the Couple's massage lessons. In this 90 minute session, you and your partner will learn how to massage each other. With guidance from the massage therapists, you will give each other a 40 minute massage. I think this is phenomenal! What better gift for a birthday, holiday or Valentine's Day than something that is going to benefit both of you?! And if you have ever had someone give you a bad massage, you know this is just an awesome service.
There is a great event coming up on September 15th - The Mini Spa Sampler Day. This occasion is for you to sample the services without a big committment. For $25 in advance or $30 at the door you will receive a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage, appetizers and your choice of three services; chair massage, hand or foot refexology, scalp massage, facial or reiki. Stay a while and visit with them. Tour the spa, see all the services and products that are available to you. This is a wonderful opportunity to try something new for a fraction of the cost. You can call Tampabay Massage Therapy and Wellness Center at 727-215-3862 or email Melanie.

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