Monday, September 20, 2010

Loon Fong - Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine

I happened to stumble upon this hidden gem while traveling south on 49th Street. It is located at 8150 - 49th Street N. in Pinellas Park. I was quite curious about having Chinese and Vietnamese in the same place.

The restaurant was very deceiving from the outside. It didn't appear quite as large as it actually is. There were numerous tables of various sizes. You could have a very intimate dinner for two or a large dinner party! I arrived a little after two so most of the lunch rush was over.

I went to check out the bathrooms. They were clean, but there was not a place to hang your purse. This bothers me as I hate to set my bag on the floor of the bathroom, so I have to hold it the whole time I am in the restroom. Just one of those little pet peeves. I mean, really, how much does a hook cost?

The tables are set with chopsticks as well as a fork and spoon. I thought this was wonderful!

In order to give myself a little more time to browse the menu, I started out with the Spring Rolls.
[Shrimp, pork, mint leaves, lettuce, vermicelli and bean sprout wrapped in rice paper.] ( 2 for $3.50). I love the fresh Spring rolls that are not fried.

For lunch I had the Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong or Vermicelli with charbroiled pork and eggroll. I like to get the eggroll on this dish so that I can taste those too!
I told my waiter that I wanted to go ahead and order my dessert as I was so intrigued with this "milkshake." I couldn't wait to take a picture of it for all of my "Farmville" friends. It was made with guanabana, durian, jackfruit, pineapple and mung bean. ($2.50) But, he said that they were out of those. I ordered another dessert, but they were out of that one as well. Guess it was a sign that I didn't need dessert!
I am looking forward to my next trip back to this establishment. The waiter was very friendly and gracious. I love when the restaurant appreciates my business.

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