Thursday, June 2, 2016

Chicago Beef in Largo at Bruce's Chicago Grill and Dog House

I have been here before, but it was a while ago and I forgot how busy it is!  When you enter the front door, there is a line waiting to order.  You better know what you want as this line moves fast!  I let three people go in front of me as I didn't know what to order. I asked each person what they were ordering as I let them move ahead. One man said to order the Chicago beef, the other said to get a hamburger, but the third man was very emphatic about ordering a loaded Chicago dog.  He told me three times to make sure that was what I ordered!

While reading the menu on the wall, I noticed a beef or sausage combo.  I asked the cashier about the beef or sausage combo. It seemed she was irritated that I was asking questions. She stated that the OR should say AND - both meats are on the sandwich.  I explained that I thought it meant that it came with fries or something. I asked if there was anything like that and she said, "NOPE."  (Remember this.)   I placed my order for a small Chicago beef (4 oz beef with sautéed sweet peppers & onions in Italian gravy $6.95), small French fries ($1.65) and a small fountain drink.  The total was $11.27.

I got my drink and sat down.  When you order is ready, they call your name and bring your food to the table.  As I waited (mere minutes) I noticed all of the condiments on the table. Anything you could need - and if not, there were more condiments by the drinks!
(on the table)

 (on the counter)
There is no shortage of memorabilia and things to see on all of the walls!

My food was delivered rather quickly!  But there was a TON of food! 
There was no way possible that I could eat all of that food!!  Lucky for my husband as he got a bunch of leftovers.
I grabbed a paper menu on my way out to be more educated next time I go and know what to order! When I got home, I was reading through it when I noticed this section:
Perhaps it was because I asked for a combo and not a basket that I was informed "NOPE" no such thing existed. This would have been perfect for me - nonetheless my husband had lunch too and was very happy. I will just know next time to ask for the basket. 

Bruce's Chicago Grill and Dog House is located at 7733 Ulmerton Road in Largo.  They are open Monday through Friday from 11-7 and Saturday from 11-4.

Any questions -  727-524-1146.  Tell 'em Tampa Bay Afternoon Delight sent you!

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  1. Although this place is probably not cheap, but they are centrally located, have fabulous staff and delicious food, and most importantly, the best views of the city. I would definitely recommend this event venue for any kind of fancy event – all my friends talked about throwing parties here only.