Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brews with Attitude 2016 Recap

For the first time, I attended an event as an "official blogger!"  Tampa Bay Brews with Attitude was held on May 10th at the T Pepin Hospitality Center.

Upon arrival, you are given a small beer vessel to sample beers throughout the night.  It's attached - you can never lose it!
As you meander through the event, you can stop and sample any or all of the brews by each craft brewer. 
At each location, there is a list of beers with a description of each.  It's easy just to stay at one brewer and sample everything, but it is much more fun to try one and go to the next. Try one and move on! We had a great time walking around and inhaling the wonderful aromas coming from the food trucks.

I was very impressed with the ease of parking as well as the speed of checking in.  Since this was my first time at this event, I had envisioned long lines and little fun.  I was COMPLETELY wrong about that!!

We made our way around to all of the craft brews and sampled... a lot! (Fortunately, we had a friend picking us up after the event, which I highly recommend.)

Some of the brewers had takeaway cards! PairO'Dice Brewing had some interesting brews.

 Not only do you get to taste the beers, but also see the company vehicles!

 I was beyond delighted to see WINES on tap!  That's pure genius!!
I am certainly looking forward to Brews With Attitude 2017.  If you missed this event and you love (or even like) craft beer - you will want to attend this event. Keep your eyes and ears open because you will want to be there!

All that - and they give you a great souvenier photo to remember the fabulous time that you had!

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