Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Caribbean Cafe has something for everyone!

I was looking for a place to meet a friend for lunch between Gulfport and Seminole.  Normally, I just drive by a place and stop in because it looks interesting or there is something on the sign that grabs my attention. I googled the 49th street area where I wanted to be and found a couple different places. I randomly picked the Caribbean Cafe . 

The inside was very cute and clean. There are several different seating options from tables, to booths to a counter along the window. 

  I stood at the counter not knowing what to order!  There were a few sandwiches that I wanted to try, delicious sounding salads, as well as soups. 
I decided (upon a customer's recommendation) on the jerk pork. [Mayo, mustard, cheese & pickle on fresh Cuban bread. ] My friend ordered the turkey and cheese [Dill pickle, mustard and mayo on fresh Cuban bread.]  All sandwiches are served pressed or cold and available as a 12" ($7.25), 9" ($6.25), or a combo which includes a 4 1/2" sandwich and a bowl of black beans, scoop of rice and a side of chopped onions ($6.25).
 9" jerk pork sandwich
turkey combo
We sat down by the window and it didn't take long before they called our names and our sandwiches were ready.  

Drinks are available by the can ($1.35) or from the fountain ($1.35/$1.75).  Also available are herbal teas, fruit smoothies and frozen cappuccino.  Desserts include flan ($2.95), coconut flan ($2.95) and cookies (.75). 
Caribbean Cafe is open Monday through Friday from 10:30am- 6:00pm and on Saturday from 10:30am to 3:00pm and located at 4801 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.

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