Wednesday, June 8, 2016

New Summer Menu Coming to a WingHouse Near You!

Disclaimer: As being part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given a free meal and gift card from The Winghouse as a exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

The WingHouse will be featuring a new summer menu starting on June 13th at all WingHouse locations. Tampa Bay Bloggers were invited to sample the fresh menu. 
The taste started with pretzel bites. "Soft and chewy pretzel bites served with a Wisconsin cheese sauce and honey mustard." I liked that they give you two dipping sauces instead of making you decide which one you want.  I am horrible with decisions, anyway - this makes it easier!

Next up ~ pork nachos. "Crunchy tortilla chips topped with slow roasted bbq pork, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, shredded cabbage, cilantro lime cream sauce and Wisconsin cheese sauce." 

The plate of nachos is gigantic and enough to be shared.  I think I could have polished off that plate alone though, as it was so tasty.  This tasty treat may have been my favorite item on the new menu.

Third on the list of new menu items is the chicken pasta salad. (Hand-cut all white meat chicken breast, blackened or fried, atop chilled rotini pasta, cucumbers and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.)

This was my least favorite, only because it needed some sort of dressing on it. It would have been quite good with perhaps a vinaigrette or possibly the delicious honey mustard that was served with the pretzel bites. It just needed a little something more.  That being said, the chicken was fantastic!

Now it's time for a taco salad! (Fresh lettuce topped with chili, cheese, diced tomato, fried jalapenos, tortilla chips and a cilantro lime cream sauce.)

I loved the fried jalapenos on this salad. Just give me a bowl of those and I am a happy girl!  I had a hard time adjusting to the cilantro lime cream sauce - as I am a sour cream and salsa die hard, but the flavors were really good and I would have happily eaten another bowl!

Two more things to sample and my belly is ready for more! Summer tacos are making their way to our table.  (Tacos stuffed with tender shrimp, fresh grilled chicken, or slow roasted bbq pork. Topped with cheddar cheese, shredded cabbage, diced tomato and cilantro lime cream sauce.) 

These tacos were full of flavor. I enjoyed all three, but since you have to choose one of the three, I would pick the shrimp. Others at my table had different opinions, I guess it all boils down to personal preference.

The final item on the "Summer Sensations" menu is a pulled pork sandwich. (Shredded bbq pork piled high on a toasted Kaiser toll. Topped with coleslaw, crispy onion strings and drizzled with Dallas sauce. Served with a dill pickle and crunch chips.) 

Looking back, this may have been my favorite item on the new menu! The pork was so moist and delicious and I love those crispy onion straws. Put those in a bowl with the fried jalapenos and I am in heaven!!

Once we were all done sampling our entrees, we were surprised with a guava cheesecake!  I wasn't too excited about it because I am not really a cheesecake person, but once I tasted it - I would've fought the table for their pieces of pie!  Shut the front door - THIS was the most fabulous thing on the new menu!!!

The new menu will be available starting on June 13th at all Winghouse locations.

A great time was had by all!  I especially enjoyed my dining companions for the evening. How can you not have fun when you are with The Famous Ashley Grant?!?

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