Monday, June 13, 2016

There's a Lot of Flavor at the Little Greek

There are a lot of places more places to eat at the Bardmoor Promenade than I thought.  I knew there were a couple, but this place is chock-full of choices!

 The Little Greek Restaurant is located on the north side of the strip center.
 When you enter, proceed to the counter to place your order. Menus are on the wall to peruse while you wait to order.

 The kitchen is wide open and everything is prepared right there in front of you.  Place your order and you are given a number.  A short time later, your meal will be delivered to your table.
 Stop on the way to your table and fill your cup with whatever you want to drink.  Regular tea and sweet tea are both options.
 We decided to start with the sampler platter.  When trying some place for the first time, I like to try a couple different things.
The appetizer platter is served with spinach pie, falafel, pita bread, hummus and tzatiki sauce ($7.99)

Both of us wanted a gyro pita ($6.49).  For an additional $2.99 you get fries and a soft drink, or for an extra $1.99 you get a side Greek salad.

 The fries were really thin with the skins on. I thought I got a great picture of them, but sorry - it's not! They are delicious!
 I could not wait to devour into my gyro filled with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and red onion.
Little Greek is open from 11am til 9pm daily.   This restaurant was very clean.  There are two very big bathrooms (1 men and 1 ladies).  The ladies room was very clean. (I didn't check the men's room). Clean bathrooms are very important! If the bathroom isn't clean, the kitchen probably isn't either! 

There were several tables that could be pushed together to accommodate larger parties. There is a children's menu with prices ranging from $3.99 to $4.99.

In addition, catering is available. The little Greek has six locations in the Bay Area.  This one is located at 10801 Starkey Road in Largo. Additional questions, call 727-397-8300.

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