Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Breakfast is served all day at Stella's in Gulfport, but I had lunch!

One of the best things about Gulfport is the variety of food and drinks available in such a short distance.  You have seafood, Greek, Mexican, Pizza and Caribbean all within walking distance.  Since my friend wanted breakfast and I wanted lunch, we decided to go to Stella's and I am so glad that we did!
 They were pretty busy and I thought sure that we were going to end up spending the day there awaiting our food, but I was impressed at how quickly we received out orders. I started off with the Handmade pierogis. There are 4 to an order and they are sauteed with onions and butter. ($3.95)

Although there are a myriad of choices on the menu, I kept going back to the hot Italian. (Made with Thumanns' cured meats of salami, capicola, pepperoni, ham and provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato and pesto aioli on a hoagie roll. $6.95) You can have this served with potato salad, coleslaw or Ciega chips or add $1.50 for onion rings. I selected, upon recommendation from Joey, the Ciega chips.
 Ester decided to have the Chef Salad, which looked very good. It was a very hearty salad. ($5.95)
 This is the "Greek Goddess Omelette" which includes fresh spinach and feta cheese. Served with your chooice of side and toast. ($5.95) Side items from which you can pick are red bliss potato home fries, shredded hash browns or creamy grits.
 I also decided to order a basket of onion rings. I could have gotten them with my sandwich, but I wanted to taste those chips! The hand dipped onion rings are served with horsey sauce. ($3.50)
 We dined outside, but I went inside to check out the interior and I fell in love with Stella's!
 If you are a regular, you can keep your mug at "The Mug Spot!" I would be in here every day for coffee if it we closer. I love the idea of having my own mug/coffee cup.
After breakfast/lunch, we walked over to Joey's House of Originals to see what she had in store! If you have never been, you need to stop in and say hi. Joey designs all of her own clothes. Don't even think that you are paying an outrageous amount of money for a custom design that no-one else will ever wear - just ask her!

I just love Gulfport!
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