Thursday, June 30, 2011

Havana Harry's is your one stop shop

Cuban food has made its way to Largo! Located at 13932 Walsingham Road (just east of the interesection at Indian Rocks Road) next door to CVS, Havana Harry's has everything you need for lunch or otherwise!

I accidentally found this place! I wasn't looking for food, just some tomatoes and I saw that the produce stand had re-opened. But, my senses were delighted when I opened the door of my car and could smell the hickory smoke wafting through the air. I walked to the front door and was greeted with huge watermelons!
Inside there is a variety of fresh produce, deli meats and cheeses, fountain sodas, Cuban Coffee, beer and wine, teas and Working Cow Ice Cream! (Cones, shakes, sundaes and more!) I was amazed at the assortment of food. Their menu boasts over 100 different items!

In addition, you can purchase herb plants and trees.

In the deli section, along with various meats, cheeses, and farm fresh eggs; you will find the smoked fish. There is not a place to eat here, so take your food to the park, the beach, your house or back to work. My only suggestion would be to have a table out front or along the side so that you could take your food and eat right there. Perhaps that is already in the plans.

The menu consists of 8 subs and 4 "kitchen" items. The subs are: Cuban [their specialty] ($5.99), roast mojo pork ($5.99), Italian supreme ($6.99), club Sub ($6.99), roast beef ($5.99), turkey breast ($5.99), smoked ham and cheese ($5.99) and Hot Pastrami ($6.99). The kitchen items include: black beans and yellow rice ($2.49reg/$3.49 large), Cuban tossed salad ($5.99), mojo pork with yellow rice ($5.99) and chicken breast with yellow rice ($5.99).

We placed our order (Cuban and Cuban tossed salad) and roamed around the store while they freshly prepared our food. Like I said, they've got it all; teas, hot sauces and private label wine.

I almost forgot to mention the Cuban bread!
The loaves seem to be a lot longer than the loaves I have seen at local grocery stores.

We also bought some smoked mullet. We figured if nothing else, we could try our hand at smoked fish spread.

When we walked back to our car with our bag of goodies, I decided to check out the smokehouse. I cannot even desribe how good the food smelled that was being cooked at that time. He said they were smoking some chicken. I didn't ask, but I hope that they will start doing a daily special with different food every day!

I couldn't wait to get home and tear open our food! Talk about anticipation. That 6 minute ride home felt like hours.

We ate part of the fish and decided to try our hand at smoked fish spread. It was not as good as Havana Harry's (oh, yes; you can buy fish spread too), but with a little more practice, we will be fish spread superstars!!

Havana Harry's is open Monday through Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 10amp-9pm. They accept debit and credit cards. If you have any questions, you can call them at 727-596-5141. Tell them you read about it here!

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