Monday, June 27, 2011

Smitty's Restaurant

****UPDATE --- CLOSED ************************
I had just left New Hope Auto and Truck Services and was feeling a little hungry. I figured I may as well have a bite to eat before my chiropractors appointment at Hartley Chiropractic Center. I decided to stop at Smitty's Restaurant; located at 4890 122nd Ave N #1 in Clearwater.

The signs outside were offering some great breakfast specials and the sign on the wall states "Souvlaki Saturdays - buy one get one at half price."

The inside is quaint with the daily specials written on a board on the wall. The place was very quiet when I arrived, but filled up rather quickly.

Breakfast is served until 11am . Items include breakfast sandwiches ($1.75-$3.85), biscuits and gravy, pancakes ($2.95-$4.95), french toast ($2.95-5.75), omelettes ($3.30-5.95), breakfast pita, grilled pork chop, grilled chicken breast, grilled Polish sausage, country fried steak and ham steak. I could've ordered breakfast, but there were so many interesting things on the lunch menu, that I decided to have lunch. The lunch menu was just as large. Burgers, melts, sandwiches, salads, lite platters, steak hoagies, triple decker clubs and home made chili.

There are 12 different kinds of burgers on the menu. [Deluxe sandwiches and burgers are served with french fries, onion rings, potato salad or potato chips, lettuce tomato and pickles. Add a cup of soup for $1.00.] Burgers range from a plain hamburger ($3.59 or deluxe $4.59) to a Greek style burger with feta, onion and tomato ($4.25 or $5.25 d) to an Italian style burger with Italian Sauce and Mozzarella cheese ($3.75 or $4.75 d) and everything in between.

Sandwiches include a BLT ($3.75 or $4.75 d), corned beef on rye ($4.75 or $5.75 d), liverwurst on rye ($3.95 or $4.95 d) and many more! They also serve 13 different salads. Horiatiki ($4.95) is made with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, Greek peppers, onions, olives, feta cheese and special dressing. They also have a steak souvlaki sald ($6.85), a Greek Salad ($5.75), egg salad ($4.35) and a chef salad ($4.35).

13 must be the lucky number, as there are 13 different types of clubs as well; including but not limited to: corned beef ($4.95), Italian ($4.95), Turkey and Bacon ($5.45), tuna salad ($4.95) and gyro ($4.95).

I finally chose the "Famous Steak Hoagies!" The steak hoagie can be ordered plain ($4.50), or with cheese, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and Greek peppers ($5.25) and every combination in between. In addition to the steak hoagies, there are 19 other hoagies. Hoagie selections include: Italian ($4.95), Meatball ($4.75), Italian Sausage ($4.75), veggie ($4.50) and Polish sausage ($5.25)

I ordered my steak hoagie with everything! Needless to say, it was very messy!

I am sure that I will return just to try more of the hoagies. Some of the combinations of food on the menu sound so yummy!

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  1. I can't believe that they have that many sandwhiches and hoagies on their menu.