Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Telly Me You Love Me!

UPDATE ******* NAME HAS CHANGED *****************************

As I was leaving Dr. Theresa Hartley's Chiropractic office, I realized that I had not eaten and was getting hungry. Could there be any place on Ulmerton that I have not already tried? I had my eyes peeled for something new - and by George, I found it! Getting into Telly's Diner was not the easiest thing in the world, but I finally figured it out and ended up in the parking lot. Telly's is located at 3920 Ulmerton Road and you have to enter through the Day's Inn Hotel parking lot.

I am not sure if this used to be a Waffle House and I forgot to ask, but the interior is very reminiscent of one. You can sit and watch the cook prepare your food. It makes it nice to see that nothing is being dropped on the floor and put back on your plate. (Does that really happen?)

The bathroom was clean. There wasn't a place to hang your purse, though and you know how I hate that!

I read over the menu and a lot of it was Greek. I was surprised to find a Greek menu. Can't explain why, it just wasn't what I was expecting. I decided to go with the Steak and Spinach Melt ($7.00) which was [supposed to be] served with macaroni salad. I think my server was fairly new as he did not know the menu and told me that the melts were served on Texas Toast. (But, in all fairness, the restaurant itself is less than a couple months old.) Mine was not and it was not served with macaroni salad. When I asked him about the macaroni salad, he had no idea to what I was referring, so I just said, "nevermind." Or, you can substitute french fries for $1.00. I also ordered a cup of the Avgolemono soup ($2.00).

I have never had the avgolemono soup with carrots, but it was tasty and a nice portion. The melt was not served on Texas toast, but on a bun. Not sure if the server messed up or the cook did. Either way, it didn't matter, I didn't eat it anyway.
The menu consists of wraps, Greek platters, burgers, melts and hotdogs. The kids menu includes breakfast items as well as hot dogs, cheeseburger and grilled cheese. Nothing is more than $4.00 on the kids menu.

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  1. That steak melt looks awesome! I love feta cheese and really want to try this. Thanks!