Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Tavern at Bayboro - it's not just for students!!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Tavern at Bayboro is not just for students!  Three of us were debating where to have lunch and someone said, "I heard the grouper is really good at The Tavern at USF."  I said, "Who is a student so that we can go?"  Honestly, no idea that it was open to the public!! 

There is limited parking.  I was just about to go park on the street when I saw an open space close to the building. (No, not the one in the picture!) 

We went and sat down at a table around the corner awaiting service.  We didn't know that you have to go inside and place your order, then they bring it to you!  We sat there for a while before I finally decided to go check out the inside.
The inside was full of customers waiting to place their orders and people waiting to pick up their to go orders.   I had my heart set on the grouper and when I heard the cashier tell the people in front of my that they were out of grouper, I almost cried!! 
Thankfully, when it was my turn to order, I told her that I was so sad that they were out of grouper because I really wanted the "Crunchy grouper."  She said, "Oh, I have two orders of that!" Happy dance!!!  Next thing I see, is a man walking with a big fish ready to clean it!!  Can you say, "FRESH?"  Wow.
 He proceeded to clean the fish while I stood there amazed!  One of the people that I was with was not enjoying seeing the freshness of the fish - but I loved it!!
We went outside with our drinks. (Side-note:  there is a squeeze bottle of simple syrup so that you can make sweet tea without having to worry about the sugar not dissolving!!  I LOVE this!)
It was gorgeous sitting outside and taking in the scenery.

There is a coffee shop located here, too - but I didn't go in there.
Shortly after, our orders started arriving.  First up is the blackened grouper sandwich ($10) with fries ($2).

 Next is the chef salad. [garden salad with slice turkey, ham, and provolone. $9]  This looked so good, that I had a split second wishing that I had ordered that!
 At that moment of wishing I had ordered the salad - this was placed in front of me!!!! OH MY GOSH!  It was huge and looked delightful.  The crunchy grouper sandwich (breaded with cornflake crisps and sliced almonds. $10) (fries $2)
 There are different events throughout the month.  Check the board for those happenings.
 There are numerous tables for outside dining.  There are a couple places inside, but on a day like today - it was fabulous to be outdoors.  There are accommodations for a large party, but remember that everyone has to go inside to order and it could take a little while.  Trust me, though --it's worth it!

The Tavern at Bayboro is located at 120 - 6th Avenue South in St. Petersburg.  They are open Monday through Saturday from 11am til 11pm.  Summer hours are coming, though  - so check before you go to make sure they are open. 

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