Friday, September 23, 2016

New Grocery Store ( Earth Fare) Coming to Pinellas County!

Normally my posts are all about local restaurants and my experiences, but this is just such fabulous news that I have to share with you!

EarthFare will be celebrating their Grand Opening on Wednesday, September 28th at 6:45 am.  Until this year, I had not heard of EarthFare.  Fortunately, I was selected to be on the Community Advisory Board! Not only did I learn all about Earth Fare,  I had the opportunity to sample many of the foods that will be available in the new store located at the corner of 113th Street and Park Boulevard.

One of the most exciting things is the bulk food section which has over 177 items, including agave nectar and honey!!  In addition, there will be a over 9,000 items in the wellness department where you will be able to purchase spices by the OUNCE!!! Yes, you no longer have to buy a whole bottle of cardamom (or some other spice) to use in a recipe and find out that you do not like it!!

Earth Fare pledges, "Our food is free of: added hormones, artificial fats and trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives and artificial colors or flavors."  If you find anything in the store that is on the "boot list," they will remove it from the store!

There are so many wonderful things to come from this new (to the area) store!  Plenty of events during opening week, so make sure to attend at least one of them.

Earth Fare is located at 7774 113th Street N in Seminole. Be sure to like the Facebook page  and also sign up online for emails.  They send GREAT discounts!!     


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