Thursday, January 7, 2016

Delicious food at a delicious price at Maggie's on the Bluffs

I normally do not eat someplace more than once before I tell you about it; but I thought about keeping this place a secret!

Maggie Mae's on the Bluffs is simply food paradise.  I have eaten there several times and have never been disappointed, in fact I've loved it more each time.

Located at 2961 West Bay, Maggie's is located in a strip plaza just before you cross the bridge to the beach.

                         (I used this picture from their facebook page as I forgot to take one!)

Maggie Mae's is full of friendly servers and it seems a lot of local people. Listening to servers talk to the customers, it sounds like they are longtime friends. This is the kind of place where I like to be! A "Cheers" of sorts for the breakfast and lunch crowd.

Since I have been here more than once, you will get to see a lot more food pictures than I normally post.  I've enjoyed breakfast several times as well as lunch more than once!

Getting pictures where no one is sitting is very hard, as the place is usually full.

Everything that you need is right here at your table! I love the shelf so as not to take up the valuable table space that you need for the food!!
 Breakfast: Corned beef hash with eggs and toast.
A big burger!!
Turkey wrap

 Melt (can't remember what kind, though!)
 This was from my most recent visit.  The fish and chips platter with coleslaw.  This was $6.99! I thought I would get a small piece of fish, fries and a soufflĂ© cup of coleslaw. Boy, was I wrong!
 Same day, hubby had the pork tenderloin sandwich.

The salads here are also amazing.  The restaurant is kept very clean.  Bathrooms are also kept tidy.

If you want to dine outside, there are several tables.

Maggie Mae's is open daily at 7am.  If you have more questions, they can be reached at (727) 724-4243.  Tell them Afternoon Delight sent you!


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